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Sep 21, 2019: Frozen
Finally got Frozen on DVD and watched it. Good movie.

Also, get your flu shots. It's that time of year, and the flu is way more miserable than a flu shot.

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Aug 14, 2019: Tumblr Culture continues to puzzle
I have trouble wrapping my head around the point of "blocking" someone on Tumblr. So far, it's gone like this:

Someone: says something deeply stupid, and insists that anyone who doesn't agree with Deeply Stupid Thing is an evil, hateful apologist for BadThing.

Me: Your position on Thing is not tenable, because Reasons Given. Also, I don't take marching orders from random strangers on the internet--I decide for myself.

Them: [blocks me on Tumblr]

Result: I see a truncated first line of their reply on the message they blocked over the Tumblr activity log, which is incomprehensible because it is truncated. Clicking through to the message, I find their log empty, because I am blocked.

Okay, I now cannot see any more Deeply Stupid stuff they may say. I think I "won", though I'm not sure what the point of it was.

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Jul 12, 2019: Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day
The ground is utterly saturated from weeks of on and off rain, and oh by the way, Tropical Storm Barry is expected to (a) turn into a Cat 1 Hurricane by the time it comes ashore, and (b) dump another 10 inches of rain on us.

My air conditioner's drain has been backing up all day already, flooding the crawlspace where the drain exits the house. I think they are related, and it's not going to get better until this storm passes and the rain STOPS. I suspect the drain drains into fill under the house, and everything up to the foundation is absolutely waterlogged, so the water has no place to go.

Not to mention that our A/C is running on borrowed time; pipes already froze up once, and we are waiting on our A/C service to finally get a spare part (expansion valve; condition: stuck) in so they can fix it permanently, instead of just tossing in some refrigerant to tide us over. Gah.

Oh well, it's excuse to cut out the old moldy utility carpeting that the original builder thought was a "good idea" to install in the pantry. Where, you know, the overflowing A/C drain floods into when it overflows. Because there's nothing food storage needs like soggy carpeting to provide that extra touch of humidity and mold. Gaaaah!

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Jul 12, 2019: Peacepack is live on CurseForge
Peacepack is now up on CurseForge as a "Customization" => "recipe".


It is also on my GitHub as release of v1.0.0 of same.

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Jul 9, 2019: Fic recs: Middle Earth
I've been on a binge of reading mostly excellent and sometimes quirky fanfiction of Tolkien's Legendarium (a fancy way of saying Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and all the unfinished stuff collected in HoME, Unfinished Tales, and the three compilations Christopher Tolkien has put out lately.

Something I've observed on AO3 is that fanfic writers are making heavy use of the "Series" feature. Where on old Fanfiction.net people would have just posted new, loosely-linked chapters to a perpetually unfinished novel-length work, now I see people posting short stories that are connected as members of a series. It's probably a better fit. If we had had that feature back in the day, you can bet meme fic collections like "29 Dead Ends" would have been a series, not a chaptered fic.

And What Happened After by thearrogantemu

My absolute favorite--it's what happens to the Ringbearers in Valinor after the end of Return of the King. Not to mention what happens to a number of infamous elves you may know from the Silmarillion when there's sensible hobbits around. All of her Tolkien fanfiction are beautiful works I cannot recommend enough.

Return to Aman by bunn

This series is primarily about Maglor and Elrond, but it does touch on our favorite hobbits in Valinor. And Feänorian politics. The rest of her stories are also good.

clearer than clear water by martial_quill.

"Maglor is Tom Bombadil" series. Not actually crack-fic; the author builds up the concept very plausibly. Oh, and Goldberry is a half-maia like Luthien. Of course she is--she is the River-daughter. Literally. Like Fialleril with the Tatooine slave culture world-building, martial_quill does a lot of world-building, giving us interesting glimpses of an particular Nenyar (Avari) tribe's culture. Also a rare look at the early Second Age among the elves.

Sansûkh by determamfidd

All about the dwarves, living and dead. Draws heavily on the Hobbit movies for characters and some events, but is much better than the movies. determamfidd does some wonderful detailing and world-building with dwarven culture, an area Tolkien sadly neglected. Some very amusing Legolas/Gimli stuff, too. Still not quite finished, but mostly finished.

And last, but far from least, but totally not Tolkien at all:

The Double Agent Vader series by Fialleril.

A really awesome, beautiful and powerful Star Wars AU where Darth Vader turned double agent for the Rebellion a few years after RotS. Fialleril reminds us that slavery is practiced extensively on Tatooine, and goes deep into the culture of the desert peoples and slaves.

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Jul 6, 2019: Peacepack: A datapack for Minecraft 1.14
I got tired of vanilla peaceful mode being crippled because some mob drops have no alternate method of obtaining, or are common necessities that are very hard to obtain on peaceful mode, while being easy to obtain in vast quanitity via automated vanilla monster farms in non-peaceful modes.

So I created a datapack that adds recipes to make several such items. The nice thing about datapacks is that they are not mods; they are part of vanilla Minecraft's customization and don't require Forge, or Fabric, or any other mod loader. Loading a datapack is like adding an alternate texture pack. General instructions here: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Installing_a_data_pack

Peacepack (on Github) is currently a work-in-progress; I'll post it as a zipped datapack somewhere when I'm done tweaking it. In the meantime, there it is on GitHub.

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