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Transformers Generation One

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Duskwing Stories

Stupidity in Blue, Redux
[G1] One of Slog's art masterpieces is the Seeker statue known as Stupidity in Blue. This ficlet is based on Wayward Martian's picture titled 'Stupidity in Blue' Go look at the picture, then read.

Art Appreciation 101
[G1, post-TFTM] Slog, the Decepticon artist, has a new acquisition that he's turning into another art masterpiece; Starscream is dead again, and wants his body back. Now. And Duskwing still hasn't figured out he's dead. One artist, two ghosts, big headache. Revisiting characters from Stupidity in Blue, Redux.

The Only Good Robot is a Dead Robot
[G1] Slightly AU. Circuit Breaker gets captured by Cobra when they steal the Energy Project of the Week just ahead of Megatron, and her only chance of escape involves a long-dead Decepticon named Duskwing.

Art Depreciation, aka 28 Dead Ends:Daring
[G1] Dead End and Drag Strip, Art Reviewers! (cameo of "Stupidity in Blue")

Dead and Drunk, aka 28 Dead Ends:Drinking-Energon
[G1] Wildrider drags Dead End out for some "local Cybertronian culture", aka "drunk & disorderly". In the process, they discover that the Stunticons have acquired a certain reputation, and that some people just don't sympathize with your psychosis. All this, and Duskwing, too.

Ghost Jets
[G1] There are stories Air Force and Navy pilots tell on Halloween and many other dark nights about the ghost jets that fly on moonlit nights, jets no plane can catch, no radar illuminate, no heatseeker track. Here's a few of those tales.

Compartment C-134
[G1] Starscream tosses two human prisoners into an unused berthing compartment. Too bad no one told him just why that compartment is never used. Really too bad that Duskwing is a bit possessive about his old quarters.

Bartending in the Dark
[G1,post-TFTM] The Decepticon Cartwheel, bartender from Dead and Drunk, chats about bartending with ghosts.

Duskwing Art

Stupidity in Blue
Wayward's original painting that started it all.

The Only Good Robot is a Dead Robot
Wayward's illustration for my Duskwing story of the same name.

Duskwing reference images
Reference images for painting my Duskwing toy mod. Robot mode and Jet mode

Duskwing toy mod photos
LJ article with low-res photos of Duskwing.

A somewhat better picture of Duskwing toy
Duskwing toy is the 2nd jet from the left (& that's Midnight the Headless Seeker in the middle)

Dead End Tales

S2 to Mid post-S2

Late Post-S2 (late 1990s-early 2000s)

Stunticon Rally
[G1] The Stunticons join an outlaw crosscountry road rally, and Dead End kidnaps Spike to be his driver. No, not Sparkplug's son Spike. That other guy named Spike--the one from Sunnydale.

28 Dead Ends: Exploring
[G1] Dead End and Breakdown are on a mission from Megatron to recover some mysterious energy source deep in the jungles of Yucatan... and they have some alone time. Together. Warning: implied slash

28 Dead Ends: Greedy
[G1] Dead End, Swindle, Ebay. You know there's trouble!

28 Dead Ends: Angsty
[G1] Why did Dead End kidnap Spike? (Witwicky, not the one from Sunnydale)

28 Dead Ends: Turned-On
[G1] Dead End and an old friend meet at the curb.

Art Depreciation, aka 28 Dead Ends:Daring
[G1] Dead End and Drag Strip, Art Reviewers! (cameo of "Stupidity in Blue")

28 Dead Ends: Dead and Drunk, aka Drinking-Energon Dead End
[G1] Wildrider drags Dead End out for some "local Cybertronian culture", aka "drunk & disorderly". In the process, they discover that the Stunticons have acquired a certain reputation, and that some people just don't sympathize with your psychosis. All this, and Duskwing, too.

28 Dead Ends: 28 Dead Ends: Excited Dead End
[G1] Wildrider inflicts more "culture" on Dead End; this time, it's the Arena. Dead End is bored; Wildrider tries to make it more 'interesting'.

Season 3 and Later

The Charr Romance - Slash!
Bring Flowers
[G1,post-TFTM] Dead End seeks answers to his morbid obsession with death among the dead or rather, from one particular dead Decepticon. Dead End/Starscream

Get Well Soon
[G1,post-TFTM] Sequel to 'Bring Flowers'. Dead End returns to Charr. Dead End/Breakdown and you know Starscream is around somewhere.

beckyh2112's Jealous Breakdown

28 Dead Ends: Jealous
Dead End/Wildrider, Breakdown/Motormaster

28 Dead Ends: Happy
Stunticon orgy!

28 Dead Ends: Dominant
Dead End/Starscream. Warning: non-con
Deadzone (AU S3)
Dead End/Starfigher. Warning: slash
Much Later
Hopeful Dead End
[G1, post-TFTM] Dead End dies.

The TF:TM Quadrilogy

Cold Ride In
[G1,TFTM] Astrotrain & Blitzwing share pre-battle nerves and thoughts as they ride the shuttle to Autobot City

Autobot Angels
[G1,TFTM] A novella of the Autobot dead who did not go gently into that good night, nor rested quietly while their friends fought so desperately for Autobot City.

Up from Oblivion
[G1,TFTM] A short vignette about Starscream's darkest moments, and two guys who have no respect for the angsty dead.

Decepticon Ghosts
[G1,TFTM] An offbeat tale of the death, afterlife, and life of Thundercracker and Skywarp. With flish. And Starscream gets his two cents in.


[G1] Sometimes you need a reminder that some lines should not be crossed... especially if your name is Starscream. Inspired by the fanart "Keeping up with Old Friends" by CHI.

The Message
[G1] Skyfire's point-of-view regarding the incident described in "Lines".

View from the Top
[G1]. A brief character study: what Megatron sees in Starscream.

Dead Mech Escape
[G1,post-TFTM] Octane's escape from Charr, and a rescue. Octane/Starscream.

Scene Omitted
[G1,post-TFTM] A scene that never made it into "Starscream's Ghost".Slash, Starscream/Octane.

Friends no longer with me
[G1, post-TFTM] Skyfire reflects on the friends he's lost to the war... and has an unexpected, uninvited 'guest'.

Lost and Found
[G1, post-TFTM] Sequel to Friends No Longer with Me. Starscream's unexpected post-mortem reunion with Skyfire leads to conversation between old... friends?

[G1, post-TFTM] Skyfire asks Starscream what happened after he was lost in the ice, and learns that erasing Starscream from history is far harder than the Autobot Council of Scientists thought.

Field Repairs
[G1,post-TFTM] Skyfire does field repairs to Starscream's busted wing and things get a bit out of hand. Follow on to framing sequence in The Message. Slash. Skyfire/Starscream, implied Starscream/Octane.

Heart of Fire
[G1, late S3] What does Skyfire see in Starscream? A brief glimpse into the heart of Skyfire. Set some time after 'Lost and Found' and 'Loss'.

Midnight in the Himalayas
[G1, really late S3?] Starscream isn't always the dominant one. Slash. Skyfire/Starscream

Conversations with a Trickster
[G1, really late S3?] Sometime after the events of "Ghost in the Machine" (and several of my stories as well) Starscream is up in the mountains for some privacy and time to think about where he's been and where he's going... so what's with the remarkably conversational giant wolf?

Survey Ship Visit
[G1, really late S3] Skyfire & Starscream are surveying star systems for Rodimus Prime-but what do they do when they have to report on the politics and economics of a world that hates and fears intelligent machines?
Port Call:Cybertron
[G1, really late S3] Skyfire & Starscream pay a short visit home to Cybertron; what do Skyfire's superiors think of their unusual partnership? (Brief vignette)

Justice Is Served
[G1, really late S3] Galvatron created the Decepticon Justice Division and sent them after Decepticon traitors, mutineers and deserters. The DJD is hot on the trail of their number one target: Starscream--but who is hunting whom?

[G1, really late S3] Ever since he got his body back from Unicron, Starscream has been deep in denial about one little problem-but he can't deny the obvious much longer. Skyfire, too, has been in denial-and Starscream has information on that crash in the Arctic ice so long ago. It's too late to change the past, but not too late for revenge.

Wendigo's Bane
[G1, really late S3] Starscream finally takes his revenge on the thing that stole Skyfire from him and ruined his life so long ago--but the price may be too high.


Leave Your Body at the Door
[G1] Skywarp learns about the concept of 'Trick-or-Treat' and plans an elaborate, sadistic prank on Starscream for Halloween. It would have worked, too, if not for those meddling Autobots!

Legend of the Deeps
[G1] The three triple-changer Decepticons are on a mission to an alien star system to retrieve a mysterious energy source. Too bad for them that Decepticons make a nice snack for that which lairs in the deeps of space.

Reaction Shots
[G1] A lot of strange things happened in 2006--how did people not on the scene react to news of various events? A series of short vignettes of well-known characters reacting to events on and off-screen from "Port Call:Cybertron" through "Justice is Served" to "Revelations".

Deadzone (cross-continuity AU)

Naughty Dead End
Dead End/Starfigher. Warning: slash

Dialogue with a Ghost
Skyfire ponders his place in the world in solitude... and finds he's not alone. His unexpected companion has insights to offer.