Title: 'Yeti' // Mickie <500> Fri Jul 23 03:28:49 1999

I came across a near-frozen adventurer the other day. He told me that he had
met an old yeti somewhere in the tundra far to the north. The yeti has some
sort of problem that he needs help with. I have forgotten the rest of his

Title: 'Drakhiya' // Dawg <900> Tue Apr 27 13:21:30 1999

The exotic and mysterious city of Drakhiya, populated by
desert orcs and bizarre serpent men, has been discovered
by explorers in the southern desert.

Drakhiya is a city of a thousand tales, where bold thieves
dodge guards by fleeing over the rooftops, brave heroes
risk their lives in secret passageways beneath the palace,
beautiful dancers perform in the taverns, and loud merchants
hawk their wares in the bazaar.

Come visit Drakhiya, adventurers; but, be careful not to
break the Caliph's law, for the guards have little patience
with foreign troublemakers....

Title: 'Music' // Levi <600> Tue Mar 23 03:37:19 1999

A tragic situation has been discovered near Crystal Lake.  A quiet
forest dwelling hides deep secrets of strength of the spirit. . .
and tragedy.  See your class hall for more details.


Title: 'Desert Excavation' // Obiwan <600> Mon Mar 15 02:09:37 1999

I was recently chatting with King Drin about the state of the realm.
His majesty read me some figures about current events, but I could
tell something more serious was on his mind. When I pressed him, he
related a quick story to me:

It seems Drin has recently begun to fund artists and scientists to
ensure the future of his subjects. Two such scientists ventured
deep into the southern desert to excavate a location they had been
searching for. The two archaelogists would send bi-monthly reports
to his leige, but recently no reports have reached the castle.

Drin fears the worst has happened. He hopes some brave adventurer
can handle the harsh climate and discover the fate of the two

Will it be you?

Title: 'Amazon' // Centaury <500> Tue Mar  9 16:20:29 1999

Adventurers have discovered a strange castle located in
the SE Isle. They also noticed that only women were seen
around the castle. Rumours said that they are some of
first few followers of the Goddess Virgis, who believed
in the destruction of the Man-Kind. The adventurers have
also hear rumours of her very powerful sword hidden
somewhere near the castle, but so far, it seems that no
one was lucky enough to find it.

Title: 'Orphanage' // Claire <600> Tue Mar  9 07:38:56 1999

You are cordially invited to visit the orphanage which
has recently opened near Nepeth. Sponsored by the
benevolent Queen Alisha, the orphanage currently
houses several fiesty children and a kind nun who
would welcome even the lowliest adventurers. Who knows,
you might even be able to help them out somehow. Be sure
to explore carefully, talk to the children, and give their
new puppy a pat on the head for good measure.

Happy exploring!


Title: 'Southeastern Isle' // Buxley <999> Tue Mar  9 02:13:28 1999

Captain Hazelwood, master of the sailing ship Atlantis, reports that
the Southeastern Isle's pier has been repaired. The pier, which was
heavily damaged in last month's storm, has been relocated to a
different part of the island, allowing better access for adventurers
of all levels.

Arch of Map and World

Title: 'Gaius' // Jerusulum <999> Sun Feb 28 21:09:16 1999

Gaius has found himself a temporary residence where he can
relax his aching feet.  He requests that you explore to find
it, and check out his mirror.

Title: 'Something new...' // Epenetus <500> Tue Feb 16 04:09:41 1999

Lo, I was strolling about in the far south of the desert when I stumbled upon
a most amazing site.  A tower, not of stone, but of diamonds.  I could only
sit and gape at the thing.  When I tried to find a way in, sadly I failed...
Perhaps someone with cunning and adventure in their blood might find the

Title: 'New Area!!!!' // Tellurion <600> Wed Aug 26 03:46:05 1998

According to reports from Duendar, a band of elves went
south in search of the ancient elven city of Sylvandor.
However, it seems that the exploration party has
disappeared.  Rumour has it that they met an untimely
demise after a significant discovery.


Title: 'A NEW AREA! Woo Hoo!' // Licentious <600> Sat Aug  8 19:02:06 1998

An inhabited cave of orcs has been discovered in the FAR
northern region. Apparently, these descendents of escape
slaves have lived a life cut off from the outside world
until the northern mist receeded. Now the leader faces a
problem with her airheaded son being blinded by the love
of a human. She must find a way to remind her son of the
brutalities the humans brought upon their ancestors and
save him from the ill-fated romance. (Of course, she
would rather the human die a bloody death.)

End of note number 4.

*******Title: 'The Eldar guild' // Ricochet <30> Mon Sep 19 20:05:54 1994

        Late last night I was awakened by a great rumbling noise.
It appears that a group of Elves, Half-elves and Humans have used
some sort of magical forces to transport a village into the forest
near Cresent Lake.
        I spoke to the leader of this band, His name was Namril.
Namril told me of The Eldar, has he called it. He said that long
ago, when Elves and Humans began to intermix, there was a great conflict.
        Traditional Elves believed in purity and abhorred the mixing of
blood between the Elves and Humans.
        Yet many of the Elves believed that it was natural, still they
conceeded to leave the homeland of the Elves and ventured out into the
wilderness to create there new home. The Village of Duender.
        The village unfortunately became under siege by some Orcs so
Namril and his followers used their combined powers to actualyl transport
the entire village toa new location, in our lands, near the  southwest
coast of Cresent Lake.
        Namril has told me little of The Eldar yet, except that they
believe in kindness, and loyalty above all other and that they follow
a simple creed of trying to be the best one can be.

        If you would like to find out more about this band of mortals
I suggest you travel to the village and look around. :)

                Ricochet of the Eldar.

********Title: 'Icelandia - an awesome new island!!' // Khrystina <22> Thu Sep 22 16:35:41 1994

             Legend and tales of old have it that far north, in the most
  desolate of all places ever known to life,  resides a most powerful
  Governor, ex-warrior of a race of people not quite understood.  This
  Governor, his mistress and their two children are said to reside in a
  large castle made purely of ice.  It seems this manner of building of
  ice is called an igloo, but of course only one person has returned
  alive surviving the harsh climates and guarded passages.  This lone
  survivor, Azime, a Moorish hero, after returning had this story to
  speak of:

                 'Seek ye folks out the Aleutian Ice Blade of
                  power and magic.  My adventure and thrill-seeking
                  friends:  Treasure, power, and animals
                  and creatures never seen before man's eyes
                  await in abundance for those willing to travel
                  far and wide.'

             With that story, Azime disappeared and was never heard from
  again.  Rumour has it he can still be found in the Governor's igloo. Do
  you dare the desolation and loneliness to seek out the power and wealth
  Azime spoke of?  Be brave and take heed, my friends!

********Title: 'Hail Adventurers!' // Ligeti <22> Tue Sep 20 01:17:20 1994

Yo Young Adventurers:

Word has it that the sailing ship Atlantis now offers
free ferry service from the Wharf (just below the
main village harbour) across the waters of AA
to the distant Southeastern Isle.  This island is
said to be inhabited by tribespeople, creatures
and the like.  As this ferry service just opened,
not many have explored the region yet, so perhaps
some of you younger adventurers can find the time
in your hunting schedule to see what this island
is all about.

********Title: 'NEW AREA OUT' // Deric <22> Fri Dec  9 23:17:21 1994

My area is now out in the mud. It is somewhere between Zhamarr
and the starblade caves. This is a high level area.

  'and so the Evil wizard Gyma cursed Gilian Silvertongue the bard that he
   passed from the land. All of the bard's legendary music was stored in
   a mighty gem, capable of incredible feats of magic. The dwarves,
   touched by Gilian's music are rumoured to have made a crypt
   in the mountains.'

      -The Gilian Legend
       -Leo the sage {from The books of Anguish}

********Title: 'The Small Park' // Edog <22> Thu Nov 10 02:40:41 1994

There's a new park which is southwest of the main village.  Those of you with
limited experience may go there (instead of manor :P) and get started on your
new adventure here on Acient Anguish.  There is much to do there.  Meaning,
search everything, and if you 'get tired', sit down for a bit.

An apple a day keeps everything away.


It is s, 2w, s from church.

********Title: '-={ Harkke }=-' // Aladdin <22> Sun Oct 16 12:45:40 1994

Just a friendly reminder for all you adventurers to check out Harkke
It's a fairly small area west of Hobbitat that is good for you mid- to
high-level players.
There is even a mini-quest in it.  *grin*
(hint: look for a portal somewhere west of Hobbitat)  P-)

Hope you enjoy!

*******Title: 'Greenhaven - Home of the Whisper Geyser!' // Taver <22> Thu Dec 22 13:40:31 1994

   A new village has been discovered in the northern region
   of the land. Rumours and legends from village folklore
   speak of a tale long forgotten. So, be the first to
   explore this new land. Seek out the adventure and
   bring back the experience!

********Title: 'Re: Greenhaven - Home of the Whisper Gey' // Leoz <22> Thu Dec 22 16:22:53 1994

By the way, for all that care, there is now a quest that is required for
wizhood that is set in the Greenhaven area. Just thought you all would like
to know :)

this quest has been coded by Taver, but since he is losing access for awhile,
I will be maintaining the area, so if there are any serious problems with it,
contact me, or use "bug", "typo", "idea" commands.

have fun yall, enjoy your new quest 

********Title: 'Troll Bridge' // Sully <22> Thu Jul 27 19:11:12 1995

Greetings, adventurers!

   Strolling along the pleasant road leading north above
Hobbitat, I was shocked to discover that a family of trolls
has taken up residence  at the bridge that bears the road across
the river there.

  They had the gall to demand a toll before they would
let me cross!

  It seems as if the world of Ancient Anguish grows more
treacherous by the day. Watch out for these malignant
specimens of the humanoid variety.

********Title: 'A discovery...' // Sully <22> Thu Mar 16 19:02:31 1995

Brave Adventurers!

  While walking along the beach of Ancient Anguish
the other day, after a suptuous repast at the Eastroad Inn, I stumbled
across a garrulous sailor who told me a sad tale of love and betrayal.
I am unable to interfere in the mortal realm, and thus cannot right
this ancient wrong, but I implore you to seek out
and lift the terrible curse that sits upon the
Forsaken Lighthouse!

********Title: 'World News' // Sully <30> Sun Aug 10 05:05:50 1997

Welcome back to Ancient Anguish!

We're delighted to tell you that the World
had grown considerably since you were last
here. Due to as yet unexplained magical
activity to the north, the northern wall of
mist has fallen, revealing a vast and
uncharted area of dense forests, steppes,
frozen tundras, and frigid glaciers and icecaps.

In addition, you'll find that Anguish now has
true waterways... real rivers, creeks and lakes
that you can swim in, fish in, and row boats
along. You'll be able to see them clearly
delineated on any of Hanza's map. Read 'help rivers'
to get the details.

I'd like to thank all the wizards who helped me on
these extremely large and lengthy projects, especially
Redwolf, Adinos, and Scarecrazy. Paldin in particular
deserves special mention for helping to bring the
rivers to life.

********Title: 'Anticipated Expansions' // Sully <30> Wed Dec  6 13:00:31 1995


  At this time, World is anticipating that there will be an
expansion into the northern regions of taiga forests, rivers,
tundra and glacier sometime in the early spring. Map creation
take a bit of time, but this project was begun as soon as the
southern expansion was opened. Apparently, the weakening og
the walls of mist to the south has had an effect on the other misty
boundaries of AA...rumor has it
that even louder rumblings can be heard from the
west, where the mists protect us from the onslaught
of the armies of orcs in their orcish


********Title: 'A World in change...' // Trixx <30> Tue Nov 14 13:12:14 1995

The Halls of World...

        The grumpy one raises his eyes from the Map of the World, puts
down the Pen of Control and catches the eyes of the assistant.

  "It is done", he announces to her and those beyond. "The World has been
expanded to the south with half its previous size. New life lives in
new environments; tigers in the jungle, alligators in the swamp and giant
scorpions in the desert. And soon even the King of the River will start to
interfere in the mortal beings' lives."

  "When will that be?" a voice from beyond asks.
  "Soon", the grumpy one replies. "Very soon."
  "So this new part of the World contains even more dangers for the mortal
beings?" another voice asks.
  "Yes", the grumpy one replies, a grim grin briefly crossing his face. "But
it will probably feel better for them if we announce them as 'challenges'
instead. Mortals are such sensitive beings..."
  As another grim grin crosses the grumpy face, nodding agreements fills
the Halls of World...

                                        Trixx the Traveller
                                         World & Map Arch

********Title: 'A Trueheart Construction Project' // Sully <30> Fri Aug 15 21:01:30 1997

Drin has been growing older, and is more concerned
with ensuring that his memory will remain green among
Anguishmen after he steps down. He has therefore
undertaken a series of capital improvements in the
realm, laying down a broad thoroughfare that runs
south from Nepeth, which now connects various portions of
his kingdom. He's also built a road between Nepeth
and Neville, and constructed a small bridge across
Snag Creek. The old Orc Road is also being repaved and
renamed, to commemorate Trueheart glory.

  As more paving stone becomes available from the
Quarry, the Royal Engineers will be constructing
an even broader system of roadways.

********Title: 'Reports of a New Threat' // Sully <30> Sat Sep  6 01:15:14 1997

Garbled rumours have reached us that there has been
a recent rash of disappearances among the goblin
population of Anguish. There has even been a report
of a strange-looking slave catcher, apparently an
orc, who is operating in the deep forest near the
western mist.
Adventurers are invited to pursue this lead and
to bring back whatever information they can gather.

Arch of World and Map

********Title: 'A warning!' // Sully <30> Fri Aug 23 17:29:06 1996

  While patrolling the map of our realms today, I was disturbed
to find that the giants that meet in the giants' conference seem
to be developing dastardly plans for our community.

 Courageous adventurers all should attempt to prevent this foul

  Save our people!

********Title: 'Hall of the Mountain Orcs' // Sully <30> Tue Feb 13 08:57:45 1996

Until further notice, Kazarov, King of the Mountain Orcs,
has declared his Hall off-limits to all adventurers. (Perhaps
he has had to recruit additional orc guards from beyond the
Claw Mountains to replace all those slaughtered by

  Negotiations are underway as we speak, and hopefully Kazarov
soon will be willing once again to let the members of AA sojourn
within his chambers. Details of progess on the talks will be
posted here.

World and Map Arch

********Title: 'Hall fo the Mountain Orcs take 2' // Sully <30> Tue Feb 13 21:16:51 1996

The persuasive blandishments of Bytre and Florin have convinced
Kazarov to reopen his Hall to the adventurers of AA.
We are grateful that these two great administrators speak
such fluent orcish and understand orc culture so well.

Thanks to you both!

********Title: 'Quarry opened to visitors!' // Sully <30> Sat Jul 13 21:39:43 1996

The intrepid Eldar explorer Kosh was the first of the
Realm's inhabitants to take a tour of the Ancient
Anguish quarry , which recently opened up for general visitors.
The quarry is located near the entrance to the Western
Pass; follow the wagon tracks to locate it.

The quarry workers are particularly eager to welcome
those adventurers who are fairly new to our world.
They do caution, however, that you use great care in
exploring, since the area can be very treacherous.

********Title: '** NEW AREA ANNOUNCEMENT **' // Damiens <21> Wed Oct 30 23:48:37 1996

I was hanging out at the Tantallon pub and overheard
that someone had discovered an ancient dwarven burial
site located in the mountain range somewhere northwest
from the King's quarry and southeast from the Knight's

The rumour is that there may be some very special
burial treasure, although there are some fears that the
tombs may be haunted!  Happy treasure hunting!

- Damiens.

********Title: ' The Mark of The Claw' // Taver <22> Tue Dec 31 00:19:52 1996

 "We come from the North," the man replied.

 The keeper of the adventurer's guild studied the
 man's heavy clothes made of bear pelts and hastily
 determined he must telling the truth.

 A group of travelers appeared at the doorstep of the
 adventurer's guild early in the morning.  The keeper
 was just opening up the guild for business when he was
 approached by one of the travelers.

 "What parts North?" the keeper further probed the traveler.
 "Far North," the man responded abruptly.
 "Ah I see," said the keeper as he rubbed his chin.

 "We have animal pelts and supplies.  Perhaps you could
 suggest where we could trade our goods." said the man
 of the group.

 "You could try Decker's Shop across the street.  I
 know him well.  He will give you a fair price for your
 pelts." the keeper responded.

 The man nodded solemnly and turned to leave with his
 group.  The keeper quickly added, "Where are you and your
 friends holding up for the night?  I think I have some
 vacant rooms available.  They're not as cozy as the ones
 at the Tantallon Inn down the road, but they're cheaper."

 The man pointed toward the forest and replied, "We have
 a camp.  After we trade all of our goods, we will return
 home again."

 The man paused for a moment and further added, "We are
 seeking new members into our guild.  Come visit us if you
 are interested."

 "What guild is that, friend?" the keeper asked with interest.

 "The Realm of The Black Bear," the man replied as he turned

 [A little gnome grabs your arm and whispers: One can seek out
 the Black Bear among the western mountains of Ancient Anguish
 between the settlement of Greenhaven and the dwarven village
 of Thranarack.  Look for a mountain cave entrance leading south
 along the mountains.]

********Title: 'News! Secret Valley Discovered!' // Elrond <22> Sun Nov 17 07:46:48 1996

News Bulletin
  Early on the morning of Evensend 20, of the year 525, a brave
adventurer by the name of Scimitar happened upon a prehistoric
valley, preserved virtually untouched for many thousands of years.
At first, thinking the area to be uninhabited by Elvenkind,
Scimitar explored the deep jungle, avoiding danger after danger,
and fighting the many monsters upon which he stumbled.

But he was soon to realize that a solitary hermit also lived
in the valley, side-by-side with the animals therein, the bog hermit
had lived as his family had for generations: alone, with only the
animals to keep him company.  The hermit, however, is apparently
a very shy creature, prefering to peacefully study the animals in
his valley than to socialize with the rest of Elvenkind.

  Scimitar, upon interview, warned any would-be explorers of the
unparalled dangers which he had met in the valley: giant creatures,
some poisonous, some with razor-sharp teeth, some which flew high
above his head.  But he added that the valley gave him an overall
sense of peacefulness and solitude, as he observed nature free
from the destructiveness and the tarnish of Elvenkind.  Seeking to
preserve this area and its beauty, the only hint which he would
as to its whereabouts was 'It lies far south.'

- Elrond

********Title: 'Rare Book Donated to Library' // Elrond <22> Wed Nov 20 05:44:30 1996

           Anonymous Benefactor Donates Rare
               Book to Tantallon Library
  Tantallon library has recently received a rare book as a gift
from an unnamed benefactor.
  The book, entitled "The Paleontology of the Realm", is written
by a little known scholar, Gladstone Glendoriel.  It is one of
only two or three known copies in the realm, and the head librarian
estimates that the book is priceless.
  The head librarian encourages all adventurers with an interest
in reading, history, animals, or who are just curious about the rare
book, to come to the library and borrow the book.

                                                 - Elrond

********Title: 'A dastardly plot!' // Salliver <22> Thu Oct  3 04:33:02 1996

I was having a look at the list of problems in the realm recently
when I noticed a desperate plee for help, apparently written
by one of Drin's undercover agents.

Apparently the Scythe are up to their old evil tricks and
are plotting some vengeance on King Drin.

It looks like Drin's poor spy never made it back to Drin
to report on his findings, but has managed to scrawl up
some details in your class hall before he was *ahem*
taken care of.

Yes, it looks like all you poor players have more evil
to interfere with in the realm of Ancient Anguish.
Proceed with caution; the Scythe are a dastardly, unforgiving


********Title: 'New area' // Pantheon <22> Sat Jul 20 14:46:19 1996

The old caves in the mountain close to Greenhaven are not inhabited
again.  Go check it out =).

Thanks to Sully/Bytre/Juxtaposer/Piper/Jim/Laperd/Lilac/Aisha/Bouge for
their time and effort.

********Title: 'New Area' // Pantheon <22> Sat Jul 20 14:50:49 1996

The caves in the mountain near Greenhaven are now inhabited again.

What a post! =)

********Title: 'Ilderian' // Pris <22> Sun Jun 16 03:13:43 1996

An ancient race has returned to take its place in the
world of Ancient Anguish. he ilderian
are here again.
They are secreted far to the west and south
and due to their knowledge of the forests they are somewhat
hard to find. Search and you shall find.


********Title: 'Attention Explorers!' // Aisha <22> Sun Feb  4 16:20:23 1996

During their latest adventures, far to the south, famed Elven explorers
Aurora and Mishikal reportedly make first contact with a race of tree
sprites.  According to their notes, this spirited, yet rather defenseless
race is being threatened for the first time.  Goblins from Ravel have
been preying upon these creatures.  The situation is quickly becoming
critical, as the goblins have managed to steal an important village
treasure.  Ryltar, the sprite leader, is seeking heroes to save his
people from these horrible monsters.

********Title: 'Dragon's Playground' // Malire <22> Sat Aug 16 03:50:30 1997

Help a distraught craftsman!

At the northwest corner of the the park just
south of the western gates, Moosah whittles
in the Dragon's Playground.  He has crafted a
beautiful puppet for Prissy, for whom his
unrequited love burns bright, but the puppet has
been torn apart by a jealous bully and now lost.
The search may be difficult, but Moosah needs you
to find the two parts so he may rejoin them, and
have you return the repaired puppet to Prissy.

This quest is designed for all levels, and your
curiosity will be rewarded.


********Title: 'Gremlin Village' // Redwolf <22> Mon Aug 11 11:35:23 1997


    A gremlin village has been discovered nestled in the northern
forest. Reports indicate it is inhabited by a race known as the
gremlins. Reports also speak of some trouble happening in the village.
If anyone is brave or adventurous enough, visit this village, and
see if there is anything you can do to help.

    More info is listed in your class halls in the quest listings.


********Title: 'Sadris (again)' // Bouge <22> Wed Nov 19 17:58:11 1997

Hark, brave adventurers!

Not long ago, an ancient teller of stories came to Nepeth.  He claimed to
know a the story of Drin's ancestor, King Ywin.  He promised to share his
story in exchange for a few coins or a night's shelter.  King Drin, hear-
ing of the story teller's presence, had him brought before the court to
tell his tale.

Honored with a royal audience, the story teller showed the mastery of his
craft.  He wove a long and intricate tale about Drin's kin and the
sadness that was destined to follow his legacy.  The teller claimed
to be from a village west of Dalair named Sadris.

I happened to be visiting King Drin and I overheard the teller

"Up until a year ago, Sadris remained a place of idea and study.
However, a mysterious sickness appeared and the people of the village began
to drop.  The plague was not confined to one race, but struck elf, dwarf,
and human alike.  Clerics and healers were sent for, but if they spent any
length of time in the town, they too fell victim to the plague."

Drin bade his advisor to give the man a few coins and shelter for the
night.  It was clear that he was troubled by the tale, but I have no
inkling as to what he plans to do.  However, I'm sure there are a
few brave souls willing to take the initiative and seek Sadris out.
What mystery can stand the might of the adventurer's keen sword and wit
to match?

I stopped the man before he left, curious that I had never been to this
village before.  He told me that it was north of the slaver area,
nestled in the mountains.  He pulled out a map, showing me the village:

|          ^^ ^^ ^^ /\ /\ /\ +^ |
|          /\ /@ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ |
|          /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ |
|          ^^ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ |
|          OO ^^ ^^ /\ /\ /\ /\ |
|          OO oo<##>/\ /\ /\ /\ |
|          ^^ oo ^^ /\ @^ /\ @\ |
|          ^^ ^^ /\ ^^ ^^ /\ ^^ |
|          oo /\ /\ ^^ ~~ /\ ^^ |

I bid you luck finding it, adventurers!


********Title: 'Ruell Brakken' // Katarina <22> Thu Mar 19 00:32:11 1998

You are cordially invited to the grand opening of
Paladin Palatial Estates. I hope that you will find
it an exciting area.


                Ruell Brakken, owner

********Title: 'Puffins' // Jerusulum <22> Sun Mar  8 03:45:05 1998

Several newbies spotted puffins on a rocky beach in the far northern region.
Rumour has it that a Knight cleric is hiding up there and wouldn't mind
having some company.

********Title: 'Puffins Found!' // Jerusulum <22> Wed Mar 11 16:17:53 1998

It is no longer rumour.  There are definitely cute, cuddly puffins on a beach
to the north.  Someone even jotted down directions on how to get there.
These directions can now be read via 'help newbie2'.

********Title: 'New Ship' // Jerusulum <22> Thu Mar 26 21:36:33 1998

The Ancient Anguish Chamber of Commerce has hired another sailor to transport
visitors safely around the realm.  You can find Jackie and his ship, the
Lizette, at the Tantallon wharf.

********Title: 'Want to drown or be eaten by sharks ?' // Adinos <21> Tue Jan 27 13:33:59 1998

Some time ago a group of three adventurers left Tantallon with the
intention of gaining fame and fortune.  Today, one of them came back,
telling a story of death and riches.  They had gone exploring the
underwater world, searching the seabottom for long-lost treasures,
when they stumbled upon pearl-bearing oysters.

He also described how one of his companions had panicked underwater,
and drowned when he was unable to reach the surface in time, and
how another had been attacked by a ferocious shark, lost a leg and
then bleed to death.

The lone survivor decided to give up pearl-diving, but left those words
for anyone wishing to explore the ocean:

   "Aye, there be riches there, but there be death as well."

********Title: 'The Truth About Alton's Bridge' // Buxley <600> Mon May  4 13:30:13 1998

  Alton was furious.

  For the third time in as many months, one of his apprentices had
  lost a parcel of magical reagents while bringing it back from

  "Is it really so difficult to cross a river?" he roared at his
  apprentices. "You used to cross the Lullingstone as if it wasn't
  even there; now everytime I turn around one of you is losing a
  bundle of nightshades there!"

  He glared at them for a few moments while considering his options.

  "All right," he continued, his voice having calmed somewhat, "I'll
  use my magiks to cause a path to be extended across this little
  creek which is causing you all so much trouble. Each of you will, in
  turn, watch over that path and make sure that no one crosses it that

  "I hate for you to lose the time from your studies, Lars knows you
  all need the study time, but I need my reagents."

  "The bridge will appear at moonset tonight. You," he said, pointing
  at a still-damp apprentice, "you will have the first watch."

********Title: 'Nomads' // Larina <600> Tue Jun  9 04:23:21 1998

I recently met a hardy and accomplished old ranger who told me
he had come across an unwelcoming tribe of desert nomads in the
farthest southern tip of the known world. He spoke mysteriously
of an immense loss these poor people had suffered and he said he
might return there to try to assist them, for although they
were filled with bravado, they were a weak and largely helpless
people. Whether he was telling the truth, I have no idea, but
I thought I would spread the gossip.


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