Title: 'Sylvanthic Wolves' // Heidi <500> Mon Nov 20 21:49:22 2000

I did it! I finally found our ancestors' wolves,
and so close to the western mist. They are
even more wonderful than you described them as
being in all those stories you told me. I can
just picture Mom frowning as she listened to
you speak to me of what she considered to be
nothing more than fairy tales. I wish you could
be here with me now, Grandma. I have spent
the last few years away from you and the rest
of my family for what many considered to be a
fool's quest. Yet you have always believe that
I would find them. You never once voiced your
doubts even if you had any to speak of.
I can not properly put into words the elation
that I am feeling at this moment. I know you will
not get this letter until I hand it to you myself,
since there is no way of sending it from where I am.
Don't worry though, I should be able to visit you


Title: 'Shadow Elves' // Llanfear <600> Thu Nov  9 09:29:35 2000

     The weary, dripping traveller entered the tavern and sat
heavily at a table. Sighing deeply, he searched his pouches for
some coin. Seeing his obvious exhaustion, I offered to buy the
poor fellow a drink. He seemed grateful for the company, as well
as for the drink, and began to spin a tale. As he spoke, he
seemed to come alive. His eyes sparkled and he gestured wildly
as he spoke...

     "And then... the rains began to pour down! Great driving
rains. I was soaked to the skin! I looked and looked for a dry
place to weather the storm, and behold! I spied an opening. Dark,
it was, and the stars only knew where it led... But I was cold and
wet, so in I went. By the wan light of my lantern, I saw a cave
stretching out before me. A great heap lay on the ground, and
though I was fearful of what it might be, curiosity began to get
the better of me, and I proceeded just a wee bit further into the

     He began to cough, a painful sounding cough, and seemed to be
suddenly weary once more. I urged him to stay his tale and rest,
but he insisted on finishing...

     "Imagine my surprise when I came upon elves! Elves, I say!
Not elves like you are used to, friend, but dark of skin and
silvery of hair. Strange to say the least. I had never seen the
like. In fear I ran from them, out into the wilderness again..."

     Here, he coughed and shivered violently before he finally
succumbed to his exhaustion and asked if I knew of a place where
he might rest and recover from his journey. Thus our conversation
ended as he left for the inn.

Title: 'Alert th' council!!! Alert th' mayor!!!' // Paldin <999> Mon Oct  2 06:24:16 2000

I have seen things no mortal man should ever have t' see!

There I wuz, travellin' on th' road down by th' Wayfarer's Rest,
an' about t' make me camp in th' lee o' a large boulder, wi' a
tall tree to break th' wind from th' sea. Ever since I had that
misunderstandin' wi' Hester, I wuzn't about to ask *her* fo' a
place to sleep th' night. Nuhuh.

I wuz breakin' up sum' wood for me fire, when alla a sudden tha'
tree started moving! I jumped back, an' fell against th' boulder
an' it *bumped* me back! Ye Gods!!! I wuz outa there so fast, an
SK mage's lightnin' couldna ha' been faster.

But tha' rock started rollin' and followin' me!!! You shoulda see
tha' tree uprooting isself and pounding along right after th'
rock! An' I could hear noises in th' treetops! Shadows flittin'
faster'n th' eye can follow! A sleek panther wi' muscles of mithril
hunting me! Dragons roaring in the bushes!

I wuz lucky to get outa there alive, I tell ya!

Title: 'A besieged village' // Tueblo <600> Sun Mar 19 12:50:00 2000

Adventurers !

A wandering traveller recently told me about a besieged
village in the northwest. He barely escaped and made it
back to Tantallon. A huge orcish army was closing a siege
ring around the village as he said.

Maybe there are heroes among you who want to help the
struggling villagers.

- Tueblo

Title: 'A talking frog?' // Puck <500> Wed Mar  1 06:40:43 2000


Early this morning while wandering near Tantallon I happened across a
cute little frog wearing an iron crown. I had encountered this strange
creature before, but for some reason it was unusually communicative
today. The frog related a sad tale that seems to bear investigation...


PS: A tremendous thank you to all of the mortal council members/test mudders
from the past year that took a flimsy, mundane area and made it into
(hopefully) a robust and interesting one! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Title: 'Local gossip' // Imprimis <500> Mon Feb 21 19:40:08 2000

Gossip overheard in local pub!
Some adventurers were overheard discussing their travels in the Elven
forests yesterday while drinking Firebreathers at Drudge's pub.
It seems that an Arch Druid had approached the adventurers about
helping her find some objects that went missing during an Orc raid, but
they were not able to find the missing objects, and plan to return

One of the adventurers briefly mentioned being near the Eldar before
they found the Druid village.

Happy adventuring!
Eglentyne & Imprimis

End of note number 57.
Title: 'A new book in the library' // Adinos <999> Tue Feb 22 00:20:57 2000

Trazan Rustbeard has kindly donated his latest book, "A Brief Introduction
to Dwarven Religion" to the Tantallon Library.

Anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of Dwarven religion is
advised to read the book.

Title: 'Rumours from the Ancient Bliss Inn' // Scarecrazy <600> Sat Jan  8 10:26:12 2000

I met a garrulous messenger the other day, while sitting in the
Ancient Bliss Inn, sipping my Wildrose Dew. It was clear that he
had been travelling far, and upon making closer acquaintance, he
informed me that he had come from Hobbitat, carrying a message
to King Drin.

Chatting to him, I discovered that this had become an almost
monthly ritual, these messages from a lady named Dion. "He
never reads them, of course," the messenger gossiped, "When he
did - the first time - he was so infuriated that I almost lost
my head!"

Curious, I drew the messenger into a further confidence: "Dion's
hand is an angry one, and one can see the markings of her script
through the parchment." The messenger hastened to add, "Not that
I pry into other people's business, but you have to understand,
it is _my_ head on the line, here."

I made encouraging noises, and ordered another round. Flaming
Chickers this time, well-known for relaxing inhibitions. The
messenger whispered confidentially (which was near loud enough
for all the patrons of the Inn to hear!): "She writes to protest
against a great injustice being done. One of Drin's young Knights
have been locked up in the dungeons, and left there to rot...."

When the messenger finally toppled forward, fast asleep, having
shared too many confidences with a total stranger, I slipped out
into the night. It was a long walk, before my rage cooled.

Going before the King in a murderous rage was not an option. But
perhaps, perhaps someone could help me free Duncan Cloudchaser.

Title: 'Merfolk sighted!' // Jerusulum <999> Thu Dec 30 02:19:07 1999

A time ago, perhaps even earlier than the elves can remember, an intelligent
race dominated the waters to the east.  They had been forgotten, though why,
no one really knows.  A young farmer's son stumbled upon them accidentally.
Perhaps it was not quite so accidental, for there was a sign pointing the way
that had mysteriously appeared, almost to welcome visitors.  Rumours of
merfolk now seem to verify the crazy rantings of mermaid sightings.  Perhaps
along the coastline, you might find out if these rumours are true?

Wizard's Pontifications:  I started this project ages ago as an apprentice,
and somewhere along the line I ended up working on other things.  This
project sat idle for a long time, until Llandra offered to take it the rest
of the way through QC for me.  There were some major problems involving
underwater activities, the details of which are inconsequential, except to
say that Llandra did quite a bit of coding, and fixing of bugs/ideas/typos.
This area would not be in the game without her.  Thank you, Llandra!  I'd
also like to say thank you to all the supportive wizards who kept me from
deleting it during those rough spots.  :)  Everyone, enjoy!

- Jerusulum

Title: 'Listan Guards' // Zan <21> Wed Sep  9 22:53:29 1998

The guards of Listan have gone through some retraining to
better use their bow.  They've also been subject to
enough rogues ripping off their quivers that they
came to me for advice.  After a hefty fee I showed
them a few pointers. (But not all the tricks *mgrin*)

****Title: 'a small discovery' // Adinos <21> Tue Aug 26 23:06:25 1997

A wandering ranger has reported the discovery of an old runestone in
the newly opened northern territory.  Although the text is not entirely
clear it seems to contain some interesting information about the origin
of humans on this continent.

********Title: 'City Dump' // Argeld <21> Mon Aug 11 20:46:12 1997

There have been rumors of troublesome creatures attacking travelers in the
city dump to the southeast of Tantallon... perhaps some brave adventurer
could investigate and discover the source of the problem.


********Title: 'Brigands and a Dwarven Tomb' // Buxley <21> Mon Aug 11 14:02:44 1997

A group of brigands is now operating in the Haley Lake region
of the far north. Unsubstantiated rumour places their base of
operations in a dwarven tomb located on a mountain overlooking
that lake. Adventurers are welcome to come explore both the
mountain and the tomb.

Perhaps you will be the one to discover the secrets of the
tomb which the brigands have missed...


********Title: 'Tantallon troll' // Aria <21> Wed Jun 25 01:02:39 1997

It seems there are rumours of the Tantallon troll being usurped by a new
troll family unit..

Rumours also have it that a new book about troll lore has been submitted to the

********Title: 'New discovery!' // Ashyta <21> Tue Apr  8 05:21:24 1997


Odessa and Findolas report that they have stumbled upon
a previously unknown settlement to the northwest of
Tantallon.  They describe the small village as being
a rural farming community, but little else is known.
Adventurers are encouraged to seek this area out and
discover more information.


********Title: 'Haunted Manour revisited.' // Flint <30> Fri Mar 28 14:30:24 1997

          Strange Sightings near Tantallon

   Orcish scouts have reported the discovery of
a graveyard near the haunted manour northeast of
Tantallon. Several scouts have been sent to
investigate the grounds of the manour, and none
have yet returned. Only the gods know what new
horrors await adventurers there.

********Title: 'Warning' // Daerna <19> Tue Sep  3 15:31:52 1996

   I couldn't believe it.  I was hunting after some elves
down in the southern region near that mountain range.  You
know the place I'm talkin' 'bout, right?
   Anyway, their whiny voices had really gotten on my nerves
and I felt that they deserved to have a friendly encounter
with my bad-ass Scyther self.  I was about to make my move,
when out of nowhere, the pathetic elves were ambushed.
   Whoever it was just appeared from out of the trees faster
than I could blink my eyes.  And all I could hear were the
elves' squeals and pitiful attempts to plead for mercy.  It
made me giggle.
   But damn, I was angry, too!  Someone had taken my kill.  I
started to make my way through the trees toward whoever
had intruded on my fun.  Prolly a friggin' kanigget too
stupid to recognize he was fightin' elves and not orcs,
I thought.  But what I saw chilled my blood.  And I don't
scare too easily, I ain't a monk.
   Standing over the elves were three ... things.  They
looked like men, but they had skin like a lizard and were
holding these wicked-looking swords, dripping with blood.
   One of those things turned and looked right at me and his
beady eyes practically burned into me.  The three of them
tried to jump me.  I managed to kill one before I escaped
back into the forest.  Three on one ain't fair odds, the way
I see it.
   I'm goin' back there, though.  I've got a scar on my sword-arm
that needs to be avenged.  But I'm making sure I bring my
potions.  Those things were the nastiest things I've ever


********Title: 'orcs' // Pris <21> Tue May 14 04:40:46 1996

Two adventurer's, Wakko and Wedge have discovered that
the orc fortress near dalair is much more of a threat to
the security of the realm than was previously thought.
Drin has asked his Knights to be particularly tough
against this new, organised band.


Ps (any bugs pls use bug  in the room I made a mistake in.
Thank you for your time.)

********Title: 'Society of Killers!' // Kiera <21> Tue Jan 24 21:33:38 1995

     MM         MM
MMXX::...::XXX:..     I am pleased to announce the return of the famed
 MMXX::....:::        Society of Killers, created for your cold-hearted
   MMXX::...          bloodthirsty pleasure. Visit Sliver, located in the
    MMXX::            SK headquarters in Neville for details!

                      Brought to you by Hatamoto and Kiera, Guildmasters

********Title: 'A new village has been discovered...' // Fub <22> Mon Jan 23 16:42:14 1995


  On one of my frequent exploration-journeys, I have discovered an unknown
village, up in the mountains, a bit to the west of the Main Village.
  It's inhabitants call their dwelling-place Balan, and it is governed by
the King Albalachalabal.
  The inhabitants expressed their eagerness to meet the other people who
inhabit this world.
  On behalf of King Albalachalabal, I invite each and every one of you
to pay a visit to our newly discovered neighbours.


********Title: 'Yo brave people...' // Ligeti <22> Wed Nov 16 18:37:03 1994

Yo fighter types, brave people, dwarves and others:

Looking for a challenging fight?  Tired of killing the same old stuff?
Blor and his gang have a dungeon-like settlement in the mountains
of the central northwest.  A group of ruthless, dwarven fighters,
these guys raid the land, kidnapping and looting.  Rumor has it they
are allied with a powerful mage, Iannis, who has provided them with
an incredible mace called the destructor; a magical weapon when
wielded by dwarves.

Not your typical fights mind you, with ways to make things easier
than they appear.  And if you happen to break a finger, look around,
all hope is not lost.

********Title: 'Frost giants' // Dawg <25> Tue Nov 15 16:15:16 1994

Frost giants have reportedly settled in a small valley far to the north.
No one knows exactly what they are up to yet.  Caution is advised
when approaching them.

********Title: 'New Monk Guild is IN' // Leoz <21> Wed Oct 19 02:23:10 1994

Well, the title more or less says it all. The Monks of Antana guild has
been revamped rather seriously. Give it a try, you might like it.

Have fun all of yas.

********Title: 'Northward' // Pyros <21> Wed Sep 14 16:52:00 1994

A short while ago while travelling in the wilderness far to
the north I noticed something. It was a strange bulding of some
sort hidden amungst the tress. As I approached it I sensed great
evil from within. However due to an urgent matter I was unable
to further investigate. I ask that any brave aventurer go forth
and destroy this vile evil....

********Title: 'News across the realm...' // Dristan <22> Sat Mar 21 19:41:35 1998

Rumours that the gnoll priests have resumed player sacrifices have been
grossly exagerated.  None of the victims has actually stayed dead.

********Title: 'other continents' // Bytre <22> Thu Aug 18 03:30:31 1994

There have been rumors recently of astounding breakthroughs in navigation.
Who knows, the seas may be open to explorers shortly.

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