********Title: 'Feast!' // Bytre <22> Thu Sep  1 20:25:43 1994

A banquet hall in Nepeth has been opened and is now serving hungry
adventurers with a wide selection of food and drink.  The hall is part of the
knight's guild, but there are rumours of non-members sneaking in with the

********Title: 'Shanni, the old crone' // Dale <25> Fri Nov 18 08:22:49 1994

She's tired of standing around on the same spot all the time, so now she
wanders around in the Nepeth streets and the courtyard.

More changes in Nepeth to come sometime before x-mas.


********Title: 'New Service from the Nepeth Butcher' // Sully <30> Mon Dec 11 20:24:36 1995

The Nepeth Butcher has kindly consented to open his
meat locker for storage of adventurers who
must be away from Ancient Anguish because of other
commitments. The mage who is in charge of freezing meat there
will be happy to assist you if you wish to take an enforced
time-out, and will even freeze you for free, simply from
the love of watching warm, living flesh harden under his cold charms.

********Title: 'Re: Nepeth butcher' // Sully <30> Tue Dec 12 08:33:40 1995

The Nepeth butcher's meatlocker is really the new system for
voluntary archkill. Now the former system has just been rewritten
to allow it to be mortal-accessible, so you can archkill yourself
without needing a wizard to help you.

All your experience, stats, everything, gets frozen  with
you. So if you need time off for finals, or will be away
for vacation and are afraid of leaving your character out there "unprotected", you can
now take care of the freezing process yourself.

********Title: 'A More Varied Wildlife' // Sully <30> Sat Jan 27 21:42:23 1996

You may notice a more varied wildlife as you travel around
the larger map of AA, as well as some
slightly different descriptions of the landscape
through which you pass. I am also
happy to report that those pestilential
aggressive grasshoppers have finally been eradicated from the area
close to Hobbitat.

In any event, enjoy the new flora
and fauna.

World and Map

********Title: 'Skinnable animals' // Sully <23> Wed Nov 15 11:47:48 1995

Skya... and all the other rangers...

  All the new animals will be
skinnable, pluckable, and edible as appropriate.
(Sorry, there won't be any "fine leechskin pouches", for

Dawg has been provided with a list of all the new animal races,
so expect to see these new beauties beneath your knife very soon.

Sully (waiting for that mink stole)

********Title: 'Bounties' // Flint <30> Wed Aug 21 19:24:07 1996

   Howdy Folks...

   The new bounty system is now in place. George has put a lot of
time and effort into coding this, and I think he deserves a round
of applause for his efforts.

   The new system is fairly simple to learn and use. Just send a tell
to Brog, and he will tell you what is available. No longer will you
have to go to the board to see who is bountied. Also, you will be
able to find out who is logged on and bountied. Plus there is a kill
chart for you career bounty hunters to use. The length of bounty
times is now based on time logged on, although you will have to
figure out the formula for yourself. ;) All in all, this new system
should make things easier for players as well as Law.


   Flint, Arch of Law.

   George, Second in Command, Law Coder Extraordinaire, and
                  Head of Bovinian Justice.

   Damocles, Law Assistant, and Winner of the 1996 Arah Award
                   for Excellence in law.
   Lestat,  Law Assistant and resident Vampire, Putting the bite on
                   crime since July of 1996.

and our resident newbie assistant...

   Edog the Law Dog.

********Title: 'Hanza's new goods' // Grunthex <21> Tue Apr 23 22:09:28 1996

        What's the worst part about being new to a mud?  Not knowing your way
around, right?  Well, sure, a lot of times someone will help you to find your
way, show you the basics, but frankly, sometimes they just don't have the
time.  Hanza understands that, and so he's designed a new mapkit that you can
buy, and give to newbie's and they can wander around Tantallon and map it
themselves, and LEARN their way around.  And due to the magic of the parchment,
when they log in the next day, and go to Hanza's and buy another mapkit, it
will have all the area they've already mapped, still marked for them.
So don't delay, buy those poor lost people a mapkit today.

Courtesy of Hanza's Maps.

********Title: 'Another Chess Board' // Scarecrazy <21> Sat Apr 26 17:22:40 1997

  The ancient game of chess has been introduced to AA by the bartenders
  of the Ancient Bliss Inn in Nepeth, and the Golden Ducat in Tantallon.
  The game has proved to be very popular amongst young and old alike,
  but there has been some opposition from parents who are concerned about
  the shady characters that frequent pubs.  Temmy and Remi's father have
  carved a beautiful chess board, and placed it in the Park, a much more
  wholesome atmosphere for the children to enjoy the game of chess.

********Title: 'Addition to Tantallon' // Salliver <22> Wed Apr 23 05:53:01 1997

A while ago, the Ancient Anguish Tourism council realized that the fair
city of Tantallon was without a food shop.  To make matters worse, nowhere
in the realm could the hungry adventurer purchase a loaf of bread.

After heavy advertising in other realms, the tourism council has managed
to secure the bread-making expertise of Kushiko, the new Tantallon baker.

Be careful though, it's alleged that our new baker has a slight temper so
try not to annoy her.


P.S. I didn't tell you where the bakery is because part of the fun is finding

********Title: 'Ancient Bliss Management' // Elrond <22> Fri Jan 17 04:26:03 1997


The management of Nepeth's Ancient Bliss Inn has just informed me that
their new chess room is now open and ready for players.

They have a beautiful, customized board with pieces in the shape of Knights
of Drin vs Orcs.

The management wants to bid you all to come give it a try, and they wish
you good luck: 'May the chess gods be with you!'

- Elrond

********Title: 'The New Scythe Games Area' // Redwolf <22> Tue Nov  4 03:40:09 1997

   Come one, come all to the Scythe camp, and
   enjoy a good game of elf tossing,
   or perhaps 'pin the tail on the knigget' is
   more your game.

   Go to Boki and it's just one west,
   one south to the new Scythe games area!


********Title: 'New Equipment Shop' // Buxley <22> Thu Mar 26 00:49:14 1998

Congratulations are in order to Brawn, one of Tantallon's long-time
residents, who has decided to hang up his shopkeeper's apron and
retire from the equipment shop business after years of service to the

Brawn's daughter Fredd will now be running the shop. Fredd has done
a remarkable job fixing up the place and expanding its inventory of
items which adventurers of every level will find useful.

Fredd's equipment shop is conveniently located near Hanza's map shop
here in Tantallon. Come visit!


********Title: 'Oterim the Sage' // Argeld <600> Fri Jun 19 08:02:58 1998

Rumour has it that not only has the famous Oterim
the Sage been updating his out-of-date weapons
research, he has also slashed prices to a bargain
level! Interested parties are encouraged to check
out his services, across the street from Constable
Picckard in Neville.


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