Title: 'Academy' // Llandra <600> Thu Oct 12 19:31:09 2000

The candlelight flickers and shadows dance over the solemn faces
in the room.

A man finally breaks the silence, "Are you sure this is the right
thing to do? Revealing our presence in this realm?"

A woman's tired voice replies, "If education is the key to ending
tyranny should we keep it to ourselves?"

Another voice fills the air, "And find ourselves involved in the
politics of the realm? We are here to seek knowledge, who knows
what the realm's leaders might do once they find out about our
existence. Look around you! How many places do you know can elves,
orcs and humans mingle without being harassed?"

The woman replies, "So shall we hide then, in fear? Cowering behind
our books? Keeping our knowledge to ourselves, without any benefit
to the realm?"

Silence falls in the room again.

A man's quiet voice threads its way across the room, "This discussion
is unnecessary, we have voted, and it has been decided. Let us
prepare ourselves for the outcome."

Another man nods slowly, "Very well then..."

The speaker rises from the table and motions for his companions to
do the same.

"...let us open our gates."

Title: 'New Mage spell' // Oakram <500> Sun Jun  4 11:47:46 2000

     A new spell is now available to Mages.  This spell causes the
target to become terrified of the caster.  Be careful, some specially
trained guards will not run away.

     Please report any problems to me by mudmail or by posting on the
bugs board.



Title: 'Puffy' // Argeld <600> Sun May  7 05:12:38 2000

In an effort to boost flagging sales in the face of renewed competition
from Kzoaki and the orcs of Drakhiya, Puffy, the Neville Tobacconist,
has revamped his business. Now those of you who feel bad about giving
business to orcs or smelly Scythers have an alternative!

Title: 'The pocket worms - a change' // Adinos <999> Thu Apr 13 13:47:28 2000

  The pocket worms Maigyn sells have now been improved.  When the worms catch
  a rogue, the victim automatically glances back and catches the attempt.

  This means that being bitten by a worm can now result in the rogue being
  bountied, so if you are harassed by rogues, just get a worm to guard your

A note at the bottom says:

   The Ancient Anguish Tourism Council wishes to remind everyone that there
   are no rogues here - it is just a rumour.

Title: 'Oblivos' // Idul <600> Sat Apr  8 07:04:11 2000

Friends of friends have told me of a wonderful place for a
romantic dinner.

It seems that if you follow the north bank of the Lullingstone
downstream toward the estuary, you can now climb a hill to
meet Maryjo and visit her establishment - Oblivos.

For a fixed price, you and your guests may, at the right time
of day, enjoy the culinary and oenological delights of this
unique facility - or just sit, chat, and enjoy the view.

I hope you take as much pleasure in it as I have had in
watching it grow.

   Oh, and please remember all the people who helped
transform it from a nice spot for a picnic into the
slightly classier establishment it seems to have become.


P.S. It seems permissible for wizards to dine - during working hours.

Title: 'Council Herald' // Dubanka <500> Mon Mar 20 19:48:32 2000

King Drin Trueheart glared down at his advisor sharply.
"They want what?" he demanded.

"We-well your majesty," the advisor stammered, "The people demanded a
popularly elected council, but it seems that not enough citizens are voting."

King Drin pondered the situation "I see," he replied.  "Very well, then.
Have the Town Council prepare the necessary information and my court herald
will spread the word."

The herald paled considerably.  "But, your majesty!" the Herald cried

"But what?" the king challenged.

The herald sighed.  "Yes, your majesty, right away."

Title: 'Lorius, the guide' // Adinos <999> Mon Jan 31 23:23:00 2000

One of the greatest explorers of the world has now retired and settled
down here in Tantallon, spending his time trying to guide lost newbies home.

If you tell him that you are lost, he will do his best to help you - well,
unless he feels you are experienced enough to find your way around on your

And yes, if you ask him for directions to the crossroads or to your guild,
he may also be able to help.

Title: 'Ishtaq, the travelling juggler' // Llandra <500> Mon Oct 11 04:22:00 1999

I met a pretty skillful juggler wandering around recently. He
keeps talking and mumbling about needing some stuff. But he refuses
to let me help him... strange.


Title: 'New Game!' // Rhaven <500> Thu Oct  7 15:04:51 1999

 Hey there!  With the rise in popularity of the Golden Ducat
 with the people of Tantallon, I am happy to announce that I
 have added additional seating in the cellar!  Some of you
 will also be happy to discover I have also set up one of my
 favorite games down there! So stop by with your friends
 and have a few beers!

Title: 'New Shop' // Tueblo <500> Thu Sep 23 02:50:50 1999

Dargan, the barber has opened up a shop in the
dwarven village of Thranarack.

Title: 'The Geographic Society of Oerthe' // Dawg <900> Tue Aug 31 14:02:15 1999

The Geographic Society of Oerthe, an organization dedicated to furthering
exploration of the world's uncharted vastness, is now recruiting new
members.  If you are an intrepid adventurer interested in exploring distant
lands and claiming them for your guild, please inquire with Dion in the
Lodge of the Geographic Society in Hobbitat.

Title: 'Find the flag!' // Adinos <600> Sun Aug  8 12:32:03 1999

Maigyn now sells an autoloading "gaming slate", which allows you to play a
game with others.  If you like the challenge of tracking things down, without
the risks associated with bounty hunting, this may be something for you.

Title: 'Further crackdowns' // Adinos <600> Sun Aug  8 02:17:45 1999

The Ancient Anguish Tourism Council (with the assistance of leading mages)
has taken additional measures to protect law-abiding citizens from the criminal
elements of society.

Maigyn now sells an enhanched worm, which can protect against pickpocketing
attempts.  It does not provide complete protection, though.

Also, the Alarm spell may now detect those that hide in the shadows and sneak

Title: 'AA Tourism Council cracks down!' // Dawg <900> Fri Jul  9 05:42:49 1999

Due to reports of criminal activity in the local area, the
Ancient Anguish Tourism Council recommends that you keep a
close 'watch' on suspicious characters loitering around you
with possible ill-intent.  Doing so may help protect you and
your goods from theft.  The Tourism Council is looking into
additional measures to protect our newest and least experienced
visitors, who tend to be targets of the criminal element, as
well, to protect our valuable tourist trade.

The enchanting Maigyn, proprietress of Tantallon's own magic
shop, is also now offering a new 'silver amulet', ensorceled
to assist in protecting its wearer from hidden lurkers and

Church leaders are also leading special prayer vigils, to
grant their parishioners 'truesight' and thus to protect
them from any stealthy would-be thieves.

Rest assured that the Ancient Anguish Tourism Council is
doing all it can to protect you and all other visitors
to our fair land from undesirable elements.


Title: 're:Braiding' // Katarina <600> Sun May 16 21:10:20 1999

I apologise for the delay in getting this in the game. However
I would like to thank Dawg for his patience and help in allowing
me to add this to his ranger code. I hope that you like the new
braiding ability.

help braid
help gut
help consider

have been added and updated to reflect the new braiding stuff


Title: 'Marika, the wandering fletcher' // Zan <500> Tue May 11 23:10:26 1999

While visiting Arcadia picking up a few supplies from the brewmaster,
I overheard a conversation about a young lady who is from Arcadia
that now makes a living as a fletcher.  From what I could tell,
she prefers the cooler weather of the north, but she does stop
off quite regularly in some of the major towns to sell her wares.

Title: 'Something New' // Puck <500> Mon May 10 16:26:21 1999


The other day, while wandering through the wilderness, I bumped
into an old adventuring friend. After sharing a few wineskins
and some old tales, he showed me the finely crafted bow that
he had recently purchased. It quite nicely made and after
mentioning that I wanted to aquire one, he gave me directions
to the seller.

Unfortunately, perhaps I had one too many swigs from the
wineskin, as I can't seem to recall exactly how to get there.

I do remember it being somewhere near Duendar, however, perhaps
one of these days I'll wander over there and look for it...

Title: 'A new area' // Redwolf <700> Wed May  5 21:53:43 1999


    I was walking around the Scythe camp the other day when
I accidently tripped and fell down the hole covering up the old
tattoo shop... Inside was this huge, scruffy lookin' orc, covered
in tattoo's and piercings. He grabbed me by the arm, forced me onto
his stool, and began scarring my flesh with a hot needle! After
a minute or two, when I stopped crying, he showed me what he had
done... He had tattooed a picture of Boki on my arm, and it looked
    I was about to get up when he grabbed me by the head and shoved
a piece of metal through my nose! When I regained conscienceness,
I looked and saw I had a piercing in my nose... Not quite the look
I was hoping for, but the chicks seem to dig it...
    I gave him a tip for his hard work and was told to 'spread the
word'... There's a new tattooer in town...

                  - Redwolf

Title: 'New rogue stuff' // Dawg <900> Tue Mar  2 15:15:43 1999

"Well, sir, me and my man were crossing Snag Creek,
carrying everythin' we own, when the two orcs came
out of the woods and demanded we stand and deliver.
My man started heelin' and toein' it away and the
orcs were goin' to kill us dead, when suddenly out
of nowhere a thin little man appears.
  I didn't see where he came from, but he trips the
first orc who falls into the creek with a splash.
Then he whips a knife out of his sleeve, covered in
some green gunk, and stabs the other orc, who falls
down screaming!  And the little man gives me a
roguish grin, and then he was gone, poof, before my
man even comes back to see if I weren't kilt."
          -eyewitness testimony of
           Goodwife Fowler of Neville to
           Constable Picckard, chief investigator

Title: 'Escrow Service' // Bytre <999> Sun Feb 21 05:01:52 1999

Word has reached King Drin of the danger of buying or selling equipment
from other people outside of the auction system.  Seems that many people
have been ripped off by a seller who takes the money and does not hand
over the merchandise, or a buyer who gets the item but does not pay for

After consultation with his ministers, Drin decided to sponsor an escrow
service so that his subjects can transact business with each other safely
and prevent corruption from damaging commerce in the realm.

Visit the escrow service in the village of Nepeth when you wish to buy
or sell equipment belonging to another player.

King Drin does not want to hear his subjects complain about being ripped off
by one another any more, and will turn a deaf ear to those who did not use
the service.

Title: 'The Wayfarer's Rest' // Dawg <900> Thu Feb 11 17:33:16 1999

A new roadside inn, the Wayfarer's Rest, has opened up
just south of the Shantih river, to serve the needs of
travellers and hunters in the far south.

Title: 'New Arches: Buxley and Malire' // Dawg <900> Thu Feb 11 17:32:29 1999

This is a little behind the latest news, but for the sake of posterity --

Buxley has been appointed Arch of Map and World.

Malire has been appointed Arch of Law.

They are both dedicated, intelligent, hard-working wizards well
deserving of a position on the administration of the mud.
Congratulations to them both!


Title: 'Board Searching Update' // Piper <900> Mon Jan 11 05:46:53 1999

Over the time that the board archives have been searchable via the web
site, one of the most requested features has been to allow one to select
a range of dates to search in.  Thanks to Blackvelvet, this is now possible.
She spent much of the month of December working to figure out how to get the
software to let us do this.  You can see the newly updated board search
system at www.anguish.org/aasearch.html.

Many thanks to Blackvelvet for the work she did.

Title: 'Lost and Found Office' // Buxley <700> Fri Jan  1 03:30:24 1999

The Ancient Anguish Tourism Council, in an attempt to clear out their
excess inventory of lost signature books, missing fancy medallions,
misplaced wedding rings, and mysteriously-absent black scrolls (among
other things), has opened a Lost and Found office in the basement of
the Tantallon Town Hall.

Should you ever log in and discover that one of your auto-loading
items has disappeared just talk to Dhonna, the cheerful and efficient
clerk of the Lost and Found and she'll be happy to help you.


Title: 'The Kequa People' // Zan <21> Mon Nov 30 19:23:46 1998

Gaius has written a new best seller and donated it to the Tantallon Library
detailing the life and times of Zhou the weapons trainer and his people.

You can now find out just what the heck a Kequa is, where they come from,
their lifestyles, etc.  So go see the mon...err, librarian and ask hi..her...it for
your copy today.

Title: 'Elinom' // Bytre <999> Sat Sep 26 10:01:59 1998

I bring a message from Elinom, and old grumpy dwarf who holds a grudge
against some of the humanoids who slew his family.  Visit him near the
ranger camp, and see if you can make a buck or two.

Title: 'Congratulations Jerusulum!' // Aisha <900> Fri Sep 25 21:26:55 1998

The Senate of Ancient Anguish has decided to create a new administrative
position:  Arch of Education.  For those of you who don't know of
Education, it is the department for overseeing apprentice wizards, helping
them learn to code, and assisting them in adjusting to the joys and
demands of immortality on Ancient Anguish.  I am pleased to announce that
the Senate has appointed Jerusulum as the new arch.  Jerusulum is an
enthusiastic, hard-working wizard who has already accomplished much during
her wizardhood.  You can all expect great things of her in the time
to come.

Jerusulum will be taking over the responsibilities for Education, under
her new title, that I used to fulfill.  As long as I am turning over
all the fun of this job, I have decided to resign my post as a Senator
as well.  With a full time job and a family, I suddenly find myself with
the real life I lost back in 1992.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time I
have spent here (the significant amount of time I spent here), and I
truly hope that each of you finds as much satisfaction in your time on
AA, as I have found in mine.


End of note number 12.
Title: 'Arch' // Jerusulum <999> Fri Sep 25 23:19:09 1998

Aisha, "I could never replace you.  I can only succeed you." - Star Trek
Education has evolved over the years, directed by Aisha, into one of the
finest learning environments I have ever encountered.  My humblest thanks go
to Aisha and the rest of the Senate for voting me Education Arch.  As I move
into my new position, I hope to continue to keep Education in the high
standards set by Aisha and the other staff members.

Jerusulum, Arch of Education

End of note number 13.

Title: 'Law FAQ' // Dawg <900> Tue Sep 22 15:27:47 1998

I have added a Law Frequently Asked Questions list, which
can be gotten by using 'help lawfaq'.  I got this information
with the help of four different Law wizards who volunteered
answers to the questions posed there; what ended up in the
FAQ should be the consensus opinion of the members of the
Law Committee.

Some questions raised some differences of opinion on what
the correct response should be.  I want to emphasize that
the members of Law are not to blame for these occasional
differences; Law is a difficult job requiring the application
of rather generally worded rules to a multitude of special
cases, and as such requires frequent, tough judgment calls.
Sometimes different people might make different calls on
a similar situation, due to it falling into something of a
grey area.  In these cases it is really the rules as set
forth which need to be fixed, in order to explicitly cover
common situations.  While it isn't possible to make the rules
cover every single conceivable case, I do think that there
are some relatively common instances that Law is running into
cover every single conceivable case, I do think that there
are some relatively common instances that Law is running into
on a frequent basis that the rules could be extended to cover
in more detail.  I am currently trying to bring some Senate
discussion to bear on a couple of the grey issues in an
effort to hash out some better rules in these areas.

On the great majority of issues, however, there was
considerable agreement among the Law wizards on how to
handle each situation, a sort of "wisdom" which has
gradually accumulated after handling many law cases.
It is my hope that the law FAQ will help spread this
knowledge, and give clearer direction to both players
and Law wizards on what exactly the rules are.

22 Sep 1998

********Title: 'Labeling things' // Kosh <600> Fri Oct 30 20:37:19 1998

You can now label various items that you make, indicating that they
were made by you. You can attach a short message or just use the clever
default one if you choose. Those of you logged in when the change
was made may have to go ld to get a new, improved scout knife.

Thanks should go to Tandara for her tireless pursuit of this addition.


********Title: 'Wineskins' // Kosh <600> Tue Sep  8 04:12:18 1998

All the time that the old scout spends in the pub, doing his so-called
"research" has finally paid off! The old scout has finally discovered
the secret to wineskin making and furiously updating your scout knives
with this amazing trade secret! Home made wineskins may not last as
long as the store bought ones, but the old scout promises to continue
his "research" at the pub until he gets it right!


From the rogue's board..

Title: 'alert changes' // Piper <900> Mon Nov  2 03:07:35 1998

As some of you know by now, the bonuses you get from alert combat have been
adjusted some.  Some of you will note an increase in parrying ability,
and everyone should also get a riposte ability bonus now.


Title: 'Dalair Weapon Shop' // Fiend <21> Wed Sep  9 11:51:17 1998

Me speak to Dalair Chamber of Commerce the other day, and they tell me
that Weapon shop has just expanded its inventory.

Title: 'Body shop and handedness' // Arpeggio <999> Fri Sep  4 01:05:26 1998

The body shop can now change your handedness.  Note that you can
only change once, so you can never change back.

Thanks to Percy for the code for this change.
(Thanks to Elfling and Paldin for the Defense code mentioned in
 the previous note, too.)

Title: 'Defense' // Arpeggio <999> Thu Sep  3 23:20:59 1998

Hmm, how to announce this in a nice in-theme way...

Everyone has been made a lot more perceptive, so you'll notice some
new detailed messages during combat, when defending against attacks.
There have also been some small tweaks to the basic materials of your
clothes and armour, so the amount of injury you receive from attacks
may be slightly more or less than it was before.

Title: 'New shipment of torches' // Elfling <21> Tue Sep  1 18:22:31 1998

Whilst I was having a beer with Decker in the Golden Ducat, he mentioned that
he recently received a large shipment of superiorly crafted torches. He
slurred something about the superiority of this new torch over the old
ones before passing out. A wise adventurer might want to research Decker's
claims, because if true, it could lend you a useful edge in your wanderings.

********Title: 'Fishy' // Ronin <21> Mon Aug 11 09:17:40 1997

My good friend Dermott has requested my help in finding a good spot
for advertising his business to everyone. So here goes:

--------- Dermott the Fishmonger ---------
 Is your family starving?
 Are you poor?
 Do you need food?
 Do you need to make money?

  Dermott can help you with all of the above.

 Just go talk to him where he usually stands,
 in the Tantallon harbour.


********Title: 'map' // Shandor <21> Sat May 10 06:50:35 1997

The maps hanza sells have been modified!
They now show the center of the map so you can
easiely find where you. This should make them
much easier to use.
And remeber, if you have an ANSI terminal
you can view the map in full colour with the
command ansi on.

********Title: 'Webster 2.0' // Florin <24> Wed Apr  9 17:09:02 1997

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the new Ancient Anguish
dictionary clerk:  Webster 2.0!

Curious about the exact meaning, pronunciation, or origin of a certain
word?  Unsure about spelling?  Webster can help out.  Just

'tell webster '

and he'll do his best to find information about it.

This new clerk knows many, many more word meanings than the previous
version.  He also has a basic encyclopedia function, offering info on
famous persons and geographical names.

I extend my thanks to Merriam-Webster Incorporated, which has compiled
the word database and kindly allows us to offer this service to our
players.  A handy WWW-based interface to this same database can be
found on their website at http://www.m-w.com.


********Title: 'Pubs Open New Chess Rooms' // Elrond <22> Thu Jan 16 05:49:32 1997

I am posting this note here on behalf of the AA Guild of Pub and Drinking

On an experimental basis, starting today, Tuulneas 16, 526, the Golden
Ducat pub in Tantallon and the Ancient Bliss Inn in Nepeth will open
new rooms off of their common rooms.

These rooms will contain chess boards and provide comfortable settings in
which to enjoy a leisurely game of chess.

It is hoped that the chess boards will bring more customers to the inns
and thereby increase the pubs' revenues.  If the chess boards prove to be
successful, you can expect more pubs to open similar rooms in the near

It is hoped that you will use and enjoy these additions to your favourite
                        - The AA Guild of Pub and Drinking Establishments

As their announcement mentions, this is still in somewhat of a test phase.
If you find any bugs with the boards or the rooms, please mail me, Elrond.

If you have any suggestions, praise, etc. please mail me or use the 'praise'
and 'idea' commands.

Please, though, if you decide to play ... wear a cond ... er, read the
help files.  I'm not going to answer questions contained in the help files,
and I want to stress that I will take away chess priviledges from those
who abuse the system (Yes, I do mention some ways to abuse the chess system
in the help files).

** At first only the Tantallon board will be open.
   Nepeth should open very soon.
Ok - make sure you have fun!

- Elrond

********Title: 'Webster (online dictionary)' // Florin <24> Sat Aug 17 23:07:31 1996

AA now has an online dictionary.  Use 'tell webster ' and after a
short time it should give you a meaning.

It'll also offer suggestions on proper spelling if you didn't spell it
quite right but were close enough.

'help webster' has a little more info.

********Title: 'Party People have more Fun!' // Bytre <30> Fri Aug  9 02:57:11 1996

Brave Adventurers!  Those who are wise know that adventuring in a
party with other brave souls can be an excellent way to explore the
mud.  Everyone knows about the value of safety in numbers, but you can
also best your foes more quickly in a party Let individual members of
your party combine their particular class strengths to advance

But what if you don't know many people on Ancient Anguish, and don't
have anyone to party with?  Thanks to Pantheon, you can now head
upstairs and add your name to a roster of people who like to adventure
in parties, and look up others who are also looking for some
adventuring companionship.

********Title: 'New business in town.' // Timber <23> Sun Dec 17 00:53:32 1995

A new business has opened in town above the Commodities Exchange. Visit
it when you have the chance and find out what it is about.

-Timber, of the Wolves

********Title: 'Re: help business' // Timber <23> Sun Dec 17 14:39:20 1995

I had thought the help was sufficient, but here it is in a nutshell.
It's an anachronistic stock market. People buy some shares, and during the
course of the day, the price will change (or even remain the same). Prices
change roughly once per game day. Then later you can sell if you wanted for
a profit or loss, or stay in the game. It's just meant for people who wants
some variety from the plain old bank, or want to just gamble a bit with their

-Timber, of the Wolves
********Title: 'Note on the trade office.' // Timber <23> Sun Dec 24 17:33:14 1995

I thank everyone who has used the trade office up from the CX. Even after 4
months of testing, one or two minor problems might still pop up, so use the
bug report command or mail me. I've already read some of the problems
people have encountered so I'll address it briefly.

The command to buy information on routes is 'buy info on ' which you'd
get prompted for if you use the 'buy' command without anything following.

You can't steal in the offices while you can in the CX. Um, I guess the Moz
brothers just have better eyesight and will always catch you.

Sometimes it records values wrong. Very infrequently from what I've seen. The
code looks fine, and I have a hard time reproducing the problem from what I've
seen. I know for sure that sometimes the average value calculations are
recorded wrong, but haven't been able to reproduce it. If you note it happening
please mail me with the order of your transactions so I might be able to
reproduce it.

Thanks for bearing with these "undocumented features". Even with these, it
seems to have a following. Buy low, sell high!

-Timber, of the Wolves

********Title: 'Manor' // Flint <30> Mon Oct  2 21:01:04 1995

  When I first made the manor, it was meant to help newbies get
started on AA. The game was very different from what
you see today. One thing that was not
very prevalent then was healing.

   Nowadays, healing is very easy to come by. So, with the permission
of Balance, I have dropped the maximum level oof player who
can use the bed to heal. it will now only be 5th and lower.

********Title: 'Hello Fellow Seafarers' // Marcus <16> Wed Aug 16 12:11:52 1995

Hello fellow citizens.  Come stop by my lovely new rental outlet and see
what wonders await you on the open waters.  It's just north when you
reach the harbor.  I hope to see you all soon.


********Title: 'Dibbs Addition' // George <22> Mon Aug 14 05:34:12 1995

Hey all,
        After drilling Dibbs night and day of all the
demotions of Ancient Anguish, he can now recite them back
to you.  Just send him a tell.  It's pretty self explanatory.

********Title: 'Salty John says...' // Laperd <22> Fri Apr 28 14:46:26 1995

Well, Salty John (the local bait and tackle proprietor) says he has some
new poles in his shop.  I personally don't see any difference, but he
promises that they are better than the old ones.  I don't have time to
check this out, but if some of you fishing minded folks have the time
I'd like to hear your experiences with them.


********Title: 'New newspaper' // Dawg <25> Fri Mar 10 11:05:36 1995

Sick of the humano- and elfo-centric news of the annual Canticle?
Try the Dalair Free Press, on sale now in Dalair (unless one of those pesky
knights has killed the papergoblin again).

*******Title: 'Corpses' // Leoz <22> Wed Feb 15 23:28:24 1995

I was wandering around Ancient Anguish one day and discovered a truly
wondrous thing. That being that for some strange reason, the corpses of
all creatures seemed to be just as heavy as each other, independently of
how much stuff was on them. Investigating a bit further i found another
strange thing, namely that when i gave the corpses to other monsters, the
corpses would mysteriously disappear into thin air.

Now at seeing this, I wondered, and wondering, I prayed to the gods, and
praying to gods, well, to cut the long story short, the corpses no longer
disappear when given to monsters, and they now weigh differently depending
on how much stuff is on them.

Enjoy your travelings and do not die.

    Brother Leoz the prophet of Antana

********Title: 'Paladins' // Dawg <25> Thu Jan 26 17:00:04 1995

A great hall where paladins may train has opened on the west side
of the road north of Neville.  Only the virtuous need apply.

********Title: 'Thrown weapons' // Dawg <25> Mon Jan 23 09:51:36 1995

A retired weaponsmith has opened up a small shop in Dalair which now
sells thrown weapons, in the scenic Red Light District.

********Title: 'Neville extension' // Dawg <25> Thu Jan 19 22:09:42 1995

Neville, the northeast village, is expanding also.  A new commercial
district has opened up, and there are plans for additional expansion
later on.


*******Title: 'Wedding Rings' // Leoz <22> Sat Jan 14 12:55:59 1995

The wedding rings have been rewritten. Mostly the new rings are similar
to the old, except for a few things:

 - you can get help about the commands the rings give you with 'help ring'
 - you have a private line to talk to your spouse

 - when you lose your ring, you don't have to get married again, you will
  just need to get a new ring and the inscription and stuff will come back.

 - the exchange rings process should go a lot smoother now, it is slightly
  different from before.

There is a new command "ridea" for giving ideas for the rings. Use this
to report any problems/ideas. You can also mail me with problems if any.

Note: First time you log in after this note, you will still have the old
rings, but if you log out and come back, they should change.

********Title: 'small addition to wedding rings' // Leoz <22> Fri Jan 20 00:26:22 1995

You can now emote on the ring line with "dear @message".

I am in the process of figuring out the best way to let people know
when things change. Currently, your best bet is to keep trying "help ring"
regularly, seeing if anything is different, and i will post things on
here until i figure out the best notification way.

*******Title: 'Main Village' // Flint <30> Mon Nov 14 20:55:03 1994

   No longer will you have to refer to it as simply Main Vill. It
now has a name. Welcome to the Town of Tantallon. ;)

   No name has been selected for the NE Village yet. Neville is about the
only one that strikes me. If you have a suggestion mail me. Until then, we
will always have Tantallon. ;)


********Title: 'Oh yeah...' // Flint <30> Mon Nov 14 20:55:40 1994

   I almost forgot...you can read the welcome sign to the village
hanging over the 3 entry gates.

********Title: 'Announcement' // Timber <23> Fri Sep  9 16:07:09 1994

Greetings fellow adventurers. While partying with Rebelheart and Belirane in
the Star Caverns the other day, I had to drop a firebreather to pick up some
booty and a packrat (thieves that they are) grabbed it. Apparently the rat and
his friends liked it so much that they hired some dwarves and with a bit of
effort constructed their own pub! I was totally amazed. They're even planning
to have a take out counter some day! It's a quick left after you enter the
western cavern entrance. Go try it out!

-Timber, of the Wolves

********Title: 'new shop' // Eliot <16> Fri Aug 19 13:00:28 1994

I was wandering around the village today, and it seems an old fisherman
has opened up a tackle and bait shop next to the harbour.  He seems to
have a nice selection of stuff, and even some sage advice.  It'd be
well worth the trip down the street to check it out.

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