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Liners & Transports

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Serendip "Ajax" Class Troop Transport

TT-000 Ajax         TT-B5345C2-360100-45004-0  MCr1,460       2,000 tons
     btty (all bear)         2     21  1                    Crew=40
Low=400.  Cargo=32.  Fuel=700.  EP=100.  Agility=2.  Troops=400.  Fuel

     The Troop Transport is one of the latest additions to the Serendip
Navy. Its shape is a slightly flattened sphere, and is able to land on a
planet's surface to offload its troops.  The 400 Marines are kept in
cold sleep to save on space and life support, and several medics are
aboard to ensure safe revival.  The 32 tons of cargo space is usually
filled by equipment and weapons for the troops.  The ship has dampers,
which can be used to protect the landing zone, and carries a 50t cutter
(with ATV module).

     Ships of the Ajax class are named for legendary and/or fictional
warriors (Lancelot, Alexander, Lee, etc).

     Number in service: 500.

Serendip Termopylae Class Troop Transport

This new troop transport is of the same size and shape as a Trafalgar Class Cruiser (i.e., it's a Death Egg. They are named for famous land battles.

The carousel is a cylinder with slots for 5 200-T cylindrical containers. 4 of these are passenger containers with 400 passenger couches. The last is a cargo module with room for 200 tons of equipment. The two landing shuttles each have a bay where a container can just slot in. They berth just aft of the carousel and can be "loaded" from it. While the shuttles go down to the planetary surface with two cylinders, troops are being awakened and put into the two empty passenger cylinders. Troop equipment can be carried down in the fifth module. The cargo bay is located just forward of the carousel and can be loaded into the cargo cylinder from there. All in all the shuttles can ferry 4000 men and 800 tons of equipment down in 7 round trips.

The low berths are themselves buildt into 200-T cylindrical modules (this is achieved without waste space by placing diamond-crosshaped fuel tanks between the cylinders), and in an emergency they can be ferried down without awakening the soldiers. Or, more usefully, some low berth cylinders can be removed prior to leaving base and extra cargo cylinders substituted.

TTM-0001 Termopylae  DE2-L4367F3-C00106-00009-0  MCr15155  20.000 tons
        btty (all bear):              A     A                 Crew=297
Cargo=632.   Fuel=2715.  EP=715.  Agility=3.  Troops=0. Low=4000.
Pure. Scoops. Carries two 1000-T landing shuttles.

Crew:  Total:       165
  Command:      11  Engineering:  46  Gunnery:      48
  Troops:        0  Crew:         60

Troop landing shuttle

The landing shuttles are designed to stand up to pretty hard handling; they are fully streamlined and can get down and up fast. Nevertheless they should not be used in the face of spinal mounts :-)

LY-0001            LY-A6066F3-C00000-00006-0  MCr1013    1000 tons
     btty (it bears):                    1                 Crew=19
Cargo=18+special.   Fuel=65.  EP=65.  Agility=6.  Troops=0. Low=0.
Pure. Scoops. Special: room for one 200-T container.

Crew:  Total:        19
  Pilot:         1  Navigator:     1  Engineering:   4
  Gunnery:      10  Medic:         3

With two fuel modules attached the ship has a USP of:

TT-0001 Termopylae  TT-N6333F3-600106-00009-0  MCr31777  40.000 tons
         btty (bear):  Repulsor-6 20 (18)                   Crew=437
                       Missile-9  20 (18)
Cargo=127.  Fuel=13315.  EP=1315.  Agility=2.  Troops=100.  Low=4136.
Pure. Scoops.

St Hilaire "Guadalcanal" class Assault Transport

                                                            TL: E/F
TA-K6367J3-200600-0000A-0  MCr1496.1                    10,000T
Batteries:            4   Agility: 6          Crew: 70*       EP: 700
                          Frozen watch: 35                  Fuel: 3700T
fuel purifier
*  + 1 Armoured Cav Rgt.(3000 men/1500T)

New Colchis "Sagacious" Class Hospital Ship

AH-12 Sagacious  AH-H4313G2-000000-00000-0     MCr2366.4       5000 tons
      Batteries                                                Crew=25
      Bearing                                                  TL=12/13
Agility=1, Cargo=600, Fuel=1650, EP=150, Purifier, Scoops,
Stateroom=445, Low=105, MedCrew=50, MedCap=400

Amondiage "Migration" class colony transport

TC-P6111E3-070000-00006-0    MCr14,282.4         50,000T       TL11
            X=45      Z=35                       EP: 503      Agil: 1
            Y=32      W=25                    Fuel: 5503    Cargo: 12,500
Fuel Refinery, Scoops                          Crew: 280    Low: 50,000
     12 total

Colchis "Liberty" class transport

**Colchis Transport
QT9 - E4112C2 - 080000 - 60007 - 0
                 3       3   5
5000 tons  TL=9  Cargo=58  Fuel=1100  EP=100  Agility=1
Backup Computer mod/3fib.  5x100 ton bays  2x1100 ton craft
1x50 1x30 ton small craft  (50t reserve in jump drive spaces)
MCr 1538.0 in quantity (w/o craft)

QT9bis - E4212C2 - 080000 - 60007 - 0
same as above, except reserve space in jump drive spaces used up.
Cost, conversion, MCr 720 * applicable exchange rate...(probably
            MCr 941.5 (with exchange above assumed)
+ frees up the old jump drive components...

Neubayern "Normandy" class Assault Transport

    CT-M6313F3-290100-80000-0       MCr15,811.3  30,000 tons
bearing         E     E             Crew=180.
batteries       F     F             TL=12.
Low=8400. Cargo=4434. Fuel=9900. EP=900. Agility=1. Marines=8500.

Notes: This is an assault troop carrier. It is designed to land and
deploy its troops on the ground. Only 100 of the marines are awake
during flight--the remainder are awakened only for an assault. This ship
does not normally have a frozen watch, although it could carry one in
place of some marines. It has fuel scoops and a fuel purifcation plant.
Each of these ship carries a full Marine Division.

Sansterre "Storm" Class Troop Carrier

| CT-E621232-000000-00000-0  COST: MCr 5995.94
                                                FEE: MCr 60.0
                                                80%COST: MCr 4796.4
                                                EP: 150
                                                CARGO: 664
                                                FUEL: 1100
                                                CREW: 33 + 1251
                                                MARINES: 0
                                                AGILITY: 1  EMER:1

Sansterre "Exodus" Class Colonization Ship

| LN-P621253-000000-00000-0 COST: MCr 58909.65
                                                  FEE: MCr 470.5
                                              80%COST: MCr 47047.7
                                                   EP: 1000
                                                CARGO: 10000
                                                 FUEL: 11000
                                                 CREW: 230 + 44058 LOW
                                              MARINES: 0
                                              AGILITY: 1  EMER:1

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