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Planetary Fortifications

St. Hilaire Standard planetary defense fortifications

BA1-A9001H2-G00000-00007-0  MCr34,606           90,000T       TL: A/E
Batteries:          600
Bearing:            600         Crew: 2400     EP:240    three computers

Two on St Hilaire, one on the major moon.

The remainder are divided into a group of five (on the moon of the
planet in orbit 4), a group of ten (on the planet in orbit 4), and
another group of five (on the moon of the planet in orbit 3).

BA1-A9001H2-G00000-00007-0  MCr6,047.7          15,000T       TL: A/E
Batteries:          100
Bearing:            100         Crew: 400      EP:60    three computers

One on planet in orbit 4.

BA1-A9001H2-G00000-00007-0  MCr3,191.8           7,500T       TL: A/E
Batteries:           50
Bearing:             50         Crew: 200      EP:30    three computers

One each on moons of planets in orbits 3 and 4

Maintenance Cost: MCr 232.5/turn

St. Hilaire Standard planetary defense Forts, Mk 2.

BA2-A9001J2-L00700-0000A-0  MCr9,000/7200     20,000T       TL: E/F
Batteries:           100
Bearing:             100        Crew: 400     EP:150    three computers
Magazine:  3000T

Under Construction:
     3 on St Hilaire.

St Hilaire TL 13/14 Civil Defense Nuclear Damper Bases

BD-1900WH1-600300-00000-0  MCr200.8                              TL: D/E
                                                  Crew: 2        EP: 10*

*remaining 20EP supplied by planetary defense bases.

Protects inhabited areas from nuclear bombardment.

15 on St Hilaire
10 on main moon
Maintenance Cost: MCr 10.0/turn

St Hilaire TL 14/15 Civil Defense Nuclear Damper Bases

BD-1900*H2-600700-00000-0  MCr400                                TL: E/F
                                                  Crew: 10       EP: 102

Protects inhabited areas from nuclear bombardment.


15 on St Hilaire
10 on main moon
Maintenance Cost: MCr 0.0

Amondiage Base1 - Primary Planetary Defense Fortification

BA-R9001H4-600300-0000A-0       TL 12/14   MCr 30,500

Three bridges, three computers.
Crew=2500 EP=50 Z=1000

    1 in service.

Amondiage Damper Bases

Civil Defense Nuclear Damper; protects inhabited areas.

BD-1900WH0-600300-00000-0       TL 12/14   MCr 500

Crew=55  EP=70

    50 in service.

Colchis Heavy missile base

PB9 - R9000F4 - 600000 - 00007 - 0
Y=100  Z=70
100,000 tons  MCr3855.5  100x100 ton bays 1000t small craft
20x1100ton big craft  Backup Bridge, Computer(5fib + 4x3fib),
Backup PP-0 x4  Fuel=15,000  Cargo=3300  Crew=600  Troops=2900
EP=7  Agility=0

Colchis really big missile base

PH9 - Y9000G5 - 680000 - 00J07 - 0
                 Z         1 Y
                 X         1 W
Z=95 X=48  Y=900  W=450
1,000,000 tons  MCr40,093.3  900x100 ton bays
Backup Bridge, EP=50, 5 backup PP-0 (50 EP),
Backup computer (5/fib)+4 Mod3/fib  Crew=6000 Troops=20,000
Fuel=241,371  Cargo=200,000
experimental PA installation

[all these big bases require high tech computers to control them.
purchasing any is contengent on getting some model 7 (1Mton) and
model 6 (100kton) computers from someone.
New Home offered 6/fibs.  1mton base contengent on finding a 7fib]

Colchis Command base

PCB9 - R9000F4 - 600000 - 00J07
                            1 X
                            1 Y
100,000 tons  MCr24665.0 (no quant disc) 95x100 ton bays
10x1100 ton craft  Fuel=20000 Cargo=16750  Backup Bridge,
Computer mod/6fib, pp-1   1000 EP  Crew=375

     experimental PA installation

PCP9 - ... (same as PCB9)
no backup PP  MCr17465.0
experimental PA installation

New Home Primary Planetary Defense Fortification

Base1   - Primary Planetary Defense Fortification
BA-R9000G4-K00300-00009-0       TL 13   MCr 106,907/ 85,525.6
Crew=2500 EP=37 Z=1000

12 extant; all on surface of New Home.

TL 14 upgrade:
     7fib (G) computer to 8fib (H) -    MCr    162.624
     Fac-9 missiles to fac-A       -    MCr 23,232.0
     damper-3 to damper-6          -    MCr     44.141

Maint: computer & damper upgrade only - MCr 8600
       + FAC-A missiles            - MCr 9600

New Home Civil Defense Nuclear Damper Base

DamperBase - Civil Defense Nuclear Damper; protects inhabited areas.
BD-1900WG0-600300-00000-0       TL 13   MCr 180
Crew=1  EP=30

TL 14 upgrade: 7fib to 8fib, damper-3 to damper-6  -   MCr 206.765
     Maint: 22.8 MCR

Orbital Battle Stations

Joyeuse Planet Class Battle Station

New Design 1: PA-12/74000 "Planet" class orbital battle station
Purpose: Planetary close defense and fighter support base

PA-0000 Planet   PA-P9000F3-J90106-86809-11   MCr32734.35572   74ktons
        batt bear            1   1 111 Y      (Y=55)          Crew=987
             batt            1   1 111 Z      (Z=69)             TL=12
Passengers=0.  Low=987.  Cargo=16.24.  Fuel=592.  EP=148.  Agility=0.
Marines=100.  Fuel Pure.  Backup Model/6fib.  HangarSpace=13955.5
(113 95ton craft; usually 110 FH-12/95 [11 wings] and 3 shuttles.)
Launch Tube.  (48 craft per turn including integral launch facilities.)
Actual power plant-0.2 (444 tons, MCr1332, 148 EP)

Joyeuse Moon Class Battle Station

PA-0000 Moon   PA-A9000F2-J40000-00009-1   MCr590.654   1100tons
      batt bear            1         1                   Crew=16
           batt            1         1                     TL=12
Passengers=0.  Low=16.  Cargo=73.5.  Fuel=30.  EP=5.  Agility=0.
Fuel Pure.  HangarSpace=123.5 (usually 1 95ton shuttle).  Actual
power plant-0.454545... (15 tons, MCr45, 5 EP)

Colchis planetoid missile stations

PMS9 - A9000C2 - 630000 - 00007 - 1
Batt              1           1
Bear              1           1
MCr 69.9 1100 Tons
Crew=10  TL=9  Backup Bridge, Power Plant, Computer(1/fib)
Cargo=111  Fuel=200  EP=1  Agility=0

PMS8 - A9000B2 - 630000 - 00007 - 1
                  1           1
                  1           1
(same except:) TL=8  MCr 64.3 (and the lower computer...)

Neubayern PDB-1

    PP-Q9013F4-C00106-00Q08-14      MCr29,128.5  80,000 tons
bearing             F   1 Y         Crew=1153.
batteries           L   1 Z         TL=12.
Low=577. Cargo=3220. Fuel=2400. EP=2400. Agility=1. Marines=250.
                    Y=41, Z=55
Notes: This is a heavy planetary defense station. It is designed to
provide a last line of defense, and is only barely mobile. It has 3
50-ton launch tubes, and can launch all of its fighters at once. This
ship has a frozen watch. It has a fuel purification plant. Deck capacity
is 7,000 tons.

Sansterre "Seawall" class Defense base

| DB-V9001F4-J90106-08Q09-150 COST: MCr 252776.25
              V   W  V1 Z                         FEE: MCr 2527.7625
              U   V  U1 Y                     80%COST: MCr 202221
                                                   EP: 5000
  Z=250                                         CARGO: 1970
  Y=125                                          FUEL: 5000
  W=100                                          CREW: 8464
  V=50                                        MARINES: 0
                                              AGILITY: 0  EMER:0

|100T MSL BAY*250|25000           |5250
|FIGHTERS*1500   |97500           |195
|100*REPULSOR    |10000           |1100
|500*DBL FUS TUR |1000            |2000
|500*TRIP SNDCSTR|500             |375
|6*LAUNCH TUBES  |7500            |15
|ARMOR 12        |130000          |195000


Serendip missile sat

DS Defense Satellite     DS-0500010-000000-00002-0
MCr6                  3 tons
   1 triple missile turret                              TL=12

Deep Space Bases

St Hilaire Secret Base

BS-54001A2-000000-00000-0  MCr39.7               500T            EP: 1
Batteries:                                        Crew: 50     Fuel: 150
                              Frozen watch: 25
                              Cargo: 125

Each secret base consists of 40 of these modules linked together, along
with 160 fuel modules.  Total Cost: MCr1668.0

one in NI/0109, one in NI/0107, one in NI/0308, one in NI/0508,
one in NI/0708, one in NI/0205, one in NI/0304, one in NI/0504,
one in OI/0107, one in OI/0306, one in NI/0102

Maintenance Cost: MCr 36.8/turn

Colchis Yeager Mobile Base

MBN-9(13) Mobile Base, Fuel Cell PP ("age" class, Yeager is class ship)
             Batt 15
             Bear 14
15,000 tons, Agility-1, fuel cell PP (stealthy?) + 25 EP fusion pp for
long term operations (3 months @ computer, Life Spt, 1/10 G maneuver),
3000 tons LH/LOX fuel cell fuel (240 hr endurance), 1500 tons craft
docks, Bridge & Aux Bridge installed, Comp. 8fib w/ 7fib & 3fib backups,
Crew 110, Troops 90, 100 staterooms, 250 tons cargo, 75 tons LH fusion
fuel, 15 100ton missile bays (TL 13 imported)
Mcr 1814 (1450 in quantity)

Begun construction turn 75

Neubayern Fuel Station

GU-1 Fuel Station   GU-N800143-300000-00000-0  MCr3,007.1  40,000 tons
Passengers=0. Low=0. Cargo=0. Fuel=37,720. EP=400. Agility=1. Marines=0.

Notes:  This station has no maneuvering or jump capability. It carries
37,420 tons of fuel in addition to what is needed for its power plant,
but it depends on other ships to scoop and purify fuel.
Cost is MCr3,749.6 individually.

New Home Deep Space Base

     Deep Space Base: There are presently 4 of these, positioned to allow
drop-tank supported strike tender/Reaper operations against most of the major
powers.  Each is composed of 100 standard base modules + additional external
fuel stores.

     Station Alpha - Old Islands/0603
          451st - 454th Recon

     Station Beta - New Islands/0704
          447th - 450th Recon

     Station Gamma - New Islands/0707
          443rd - 446th Recon

     Station Delta - New Islands/0307   [under construction]

     Station Omega - Old Islands/0306   (allows operations against an
                                        occupied New Home system)
          439th - 442nd Recon plus constant courier traffic from New

New Home Standard Base Module

Base2 - a modular space station unit, combined with any number of other
     units to form a space station of the desired size.  Self-supporting.
SU-5400012-000000-00000-0     TL 13     MCr 50.4  500 tons
Staterooms=50  Fuel=200  Cargo=97

New Home Drop Tanks

1000 5000-ton Drop Tanks             MCr 4.008  ea.
1000 1000-ton  "    "                    0.808
1000 500-ton   "    "                    0.408
1000 200-ton   "    "                    0.168
1000 40-ton Drop Tanks                   0.040

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