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These starships are the communications network of the navy, as well as the "Staff Cars", "VIP Shuttles", and "Diplomatic Couriers". The Xboat network is the backbone of any large interstellar state; the high-jump xboats link major worlds, while the slower couriers provide communications with outposts and colonies.

Type XF Fast Courier TL 15

My version of a Jump 6, Maneuver 6, Agility 6 100-ton blitzer.

    CraftID:Fast Courier, Type XF, TL15, MCr 117.857
    Hull:    90/225, Disp=100, Config=5SL, Armor=40G, Unloaded= 1148 tons,
        Loaded= 1267 tons
    Power:    10/15, Fusion= 1500 MW, Duration= 14
        , Solar Cells= 2.976 MW, Duration=indef.
    Loco:    15/23, Manuever=6, 6/9, Jump=6, Cruise=, Top=,
        Agility=6, NOE=190
    Commo:    Radio=System, Maser=System
    Sensors:EMMask, PassiveEMS=Interstellar, ActiveEMS=FarOrbit,
        Neutrino=10kW, Densitometer=HiPen/1km, ActObjScan=Routine,
        ActObjPin=Routine, PasObjScan=Routine, PasObjPin=Routine,
        PasEngScan=Simple, PasEngPin=Routine
    Control:Computer=3x3, Special=HoloHUD x 2,
        Environ= basic env, basic ls, extended ls, inertial comp for
        hull minus fuel tankage. grav plates only for crew area,
    Accomm:    Crew=1 x 3, SmallStateroom=1, Stateroom=1
    Other:    Fuel= 724.5 kl, Cargo=67 kl,
        ObjSize=Average, EMLevel=Faint

Naval J6 Courier TL 15

Imperial Navy Fleet Courier. Used extensively for carrying messages and VIP's during the Fifth Frontier War.

 CraftID: Fast Courier, TL15, MCr180
    Hull: 360/900, Disp=400, Config=1SL, Armor=40G, Loaded=2481.5,
    Power: 5/7, Fusion=900MW, Duration=33/99
    Loco: 11/15, Maneuver=1, 38/51, Jump=6, NOE=40kph, Cruise=810kph,
           Max=1080kph, Agility=1
    Comm: Radio=System x3, LaserComm=System x3, MaserComm=system x3
    Sensors: EMM, EMS Passive(Far Orbit)=Hardpoint, Neutrino Sensor (10Kw)
           PassEngScan=Routine, PasEngPin=Rout
    Off: Hardpoints=4
           Batt      1
           Bearing   1
    Def: DefDM+9
           Batt         2
           Bearing      2
    Control: Computer Mod7fib*3, 1*HeadsUpHoloDisplay,50*HoloLink
    Accom: Crew=4 (2 bridge, 1 engineer, 1 gunner),
           Passengers=16, Staterooms=20,
           Env=Basic env, Basic ls, Extended ls, Grav plates, Inertial comp
       (grav and Inertial Comp not in fuel tankage)
    Other: ECP, Fuel=1890Kl(refined) 1310Kl(unrefined), Cargo=216Kl,
           1* Hurakan grav sled. Fuel Purifier (80Kl/hr), Fuel Scoops,
           ObjSize=Average, EmLevel=None

Monitor Scout TL 13

CraftID: Monitor Class Scout, Type SA, TL 13, MCr 65.039

Hull:    90/225, Disp=100, Config=1SL, Armor=50F,
    Unloaded=1530.36 tons, Loaded=1677.7 tons

Power:  Fusion=1570 MW, Duration=30/90 (maneuver), 5/15 (weapon sys),
    1/2, SolarCells=2.98 MW, Duration=indef.
Loco:   Jump=2, Maneuver=4G thrusters
    NOE=40 kph, Cruise=750 kph, Top=1000 kph, Agility=4

Commo:    radio=system, maserComm=system
Sensors: ActiveEMS=far orbit, PassiveEMS=interstellar,
    Densitometer=HiPen/100m, Neutrino=100 kW,
    ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PassObjScan=Form,
    PassObjPin=Form, PassEngScan=Rout, PassEngPin=Form

Off:    1 hardpoint.

Def:    Def DM +8

Control: Computer=3x3, Panels=Hololink x187, Special=HeadUp Disp x2,
    Environ=BasEnv, BasLS, ExtLS, Grav Plates, Inertial Comp, Airlock x1

Accom: Crew=1x4( Cb=2, Ce=1, Cg=1), Staterooms=2, SubCraft=Halcyon air/raft

Other: Cargo= 106.712 kl, Fuel=580.5 kl, Scoops, Purifier=30.9 kl/hour,
ObjSize=Average, EMLevel=Faint

-- Cynthia C. Higginbotham

Type S Scout/Courier TL 11

Ye old standard Scout ship. I think this one is out of the yards on Lanth, and is typical of Spinward Marches Scout/Couriers; typically designed at TL 11 to take advantage of the majority TL of all type A &. B starports in the Marches -- i.e., the design was chosen with an eye toward ease of finding repair &. refit

CraftID: Scout/Courier, Type S, TL 11, MCr 33.245

Hull:    90/225, Disp=100, Config=1SL, Armor=40E,
    Unloaded=1224 + vehicle, Loaded=1475 + vehicle

Power:    19/38, Fusion=660 MW, Duration=30/90,
    1/2, Fuel Cells=1 MW, Duration=3/9,
    1/2, SolarCells=1.620 MW, Duration=indef.

Loco:    7/14, Jump=2, 12/24, Maneuver=2G thrusters
    NOE=40 kph, Cruise=750 kph, Top=1000 kph, Agility=2

Commo:    radio=system x2, laserComm=system x1, maserComm=system x1

Sensors: ActiveEMS=far orbit, PassiveEMS=interstellar,
    Densitometer=HiPen/1m, Neutrino=1 Gw,
    ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PassObjScan=Form,
    PassObjPin=Form, PassEngScan=Rout, PassEngPin=Form

Off:    1 hardpoint. Detached Duty Scout is unarmed; see below
    for other Scout/Courier configurations.

Def:    Def DM +4

Control: Computer=1x3, Panels=DynaLink x300, Special=HeadUp Disp
    x3, Environ=BasEnv, BasLS, ExtLS, Grav Plates, Inertial

Accom:    Crew=1x3( Cb=2, Ce=1), Staterooms=4, SubCraft=air/raft

Other:    Cargo=218.5 kl, Fuel=440 kl, FuelCell Fuel=25.9 kl,
    Scoops,    Purifier=35.2 kl/hour, ObjSize=Average,

Note:     Courier    has Missile-7=x01,    BLaser-7=x01,
                    1,           1,
                    1,           1,

    for MCr 34.645, Cargo=205 kl, unloaded=1232

    Exploratory Scout has Missile-7=x02,

    for MCr 35.045, Cargo=205 kl, unloaded=1233

                --- Cynthia C. Higginbotham

Type S Scout/Courier TL 13

Type S Scout/Courier TL 13

CraftID: Type S Scout/Courier, TL= 13, MCr 31.745 (discount) MCr 25.396,
     (std MT) MCr 34.706

Hull: Disp= 100, Config= 1SL, Armor= 40E
     Unloaded= 1016 tons, Loaded=  1366+vehicle tons

Power: Fusion= 660 MW, Duration= 30
      Solar = 2.98MW, Duration=indef

Loco: Jump= 2, Maneuver= 2G, Agility= 3

Commo: Radio=System  x2, LaserComm=System x1, MaserComm=System x1
Sensors: ActEMS= x1, PassEMS= x1, Neutrino= x1, Densitometer=HiPen x1

Off: 1 hardpoint (w/turret in DD scout)

Def: DefDM=+5

Control: Computer=Model 1x3, Panel=Hololink x47, Special= HeadUpHolo x1
     Environ=BasEnv, BasLS, ExtLS, Grav, Inertial Comp, Airlocks x1

Accom: Crew= 4 (Cb=2,Ce=1), State=4, SubCraft= 1 x 3t air/raft

Other: Cargo= 300 kl, Fuel= 477 kl, Fuel Purifier= 31.0 kl/hour,
     Fuel Scoops, ObjSize= , EmLevel=

Note:     Courier has Missile-13=x02,   BLaser-13=x02,
                                   1,               1,
                                   1,               1,

     for MCr 33.737  (with discount) MCr 26.990
         (std price) MCr 36.698, Cargo=300 kl, unloaded=1024 t
          Agility=1 when firing.

     Exploratory Scout has Missile-13=x02,

     for MCr 33.487  (with discount) MCr 26.790
         (std price) MCr 36.448, Cargo=300 kl, unloaded=1024 t

     and both ships require a gunner.

                    --- Cynthia C. Higginbotham

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