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Military Ships

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Capital Ships

These ships are the backbone of a navy fleet, no matter whether your doctrine calls for battlegroups centered on one large capital ship and several smaller ones plus a swarm of escorts, or squadrons of identical capital ships. In Traveller, they are also traditionally the only starships capable of carrying spinal-mount weapons.


Norway Class Battleship TL 15

The "Norway" was built as a private venture by Vospor/Trin between 1109 and 1112. The ship underwent space trials in late 1112, travelling as far as Rhylanor on her maiden voyage. It then returned to Trin where her four battleriders were being completed, in preparation for testing at Depot/Deneb for acceptance by the Imperial Navy. The type was standardized on 321-1113, and the Imperial Navy ordered seventeen more, plus 64 riders (the seventeenth ship was to be a test-bed at Depot/Deneb, and did not need riders). The Norway itself was bought privately by High Lord Isaac Connor of Darcy/Deneb, to serve as the flagship of the newly formed Darcyan System Squadron. It served briefly along the frontiers before the Imperial Government ordered the dismantling of the Darcyan System Squadron, after which it was turned over to the Imperial Navy for disposal.

The Norway is designed to carry 4 Sikkintar Battleriders externally, so her Jump drive is sized for a displacement 150,000T ship. She is designed for combat operations at 122,000T displacement. Her fuel tankage, as is usual for craft produced by Vospor/Trin, is a mixture of tankage for refined Hydrogen, and tankage for Ammonia. The hydrogen fuel is used in the jump drive, and the ammonia is purified on the fly for use in the power plant. This allows the Norway to operate with somewhat less fuel tankage than is normal for a ship her size and capability.

[Note that the "Norway" was refitted to computer-10fib on Vincennes in 1114. This changes the DefDM to +14. The remaining ships of the class were scheduled for a similar refit during the years 1116-1120, but the Rebellion has upset normal refit schedules throughout the Domain Fleet.]

CraftID: Norway class Battleship, TL15, MCr<We use a different pricing
scheme than standard, so you'll have to figure the price yourself>

Hull: 109800/274500, Disp=122000, Config=7USL, Armor=40G
           Unloaded=1,350,370t, Loaded=1,528,000t (not including riders)

Power: 1481/2962 Fusion=750,000 MW, Duration= 30/90
             Fusion=2,250,000 MW, Duration=(at full power) 7/21

Loco: 10125/13500, Jump 4*, 27999/37332, Maneuver=6**, Agility=6**

     *  at 150,000T displacement
     ** at 122,000T displacement

Commo:  Radio=Far orbit x12, Laser=System x24, Maser=System x24

Sensors: ActiveEMS=far orbit x4, PassiveEMS=Interstellar x12,
         Densitometer=HiPen x6, Densitometer=LoPen x12,
         Neutrino Sensor=10 kW x12, ActObjScan=Rout,ActObjPin=Rout,
         PassEngScan=Simple, PassEngPin=Rout

Off: Hardpoints=1220
           MesonGun=T00   Missile=xA0
          Batteries 1             50
          Bearing   1             35

     Missile Magazine = 5 100t bay, capacity = 67500 missiles

Def: Def DM +13
     Meson Screen - 9*3
     Nuclear Damper - 9*3

          Batteries  60
          Bearing    42

Control: ECP, Computer=9(fib)x3, Panel=Hololink x3000,
         Special=LargeHoloDisp x24, HeadsUpHoloDisp x300, Environ=BasicEnv,
         BasicLS, ExtLS, GravPlates, Airlocks x94

Accom: x (Cc =198, Cb=24, Ce=194, Cm=4, Cg=58, Ct= 366, Cf=4*, Cs=37, 12xCf=7,
       Cd=12), Staterooms=470, LowBerth=100, EmergLowBerth=225

* the crews of the Sikkintars live onboard the Sikkintars.

Other: Fuel= (refined) - 550,000 kl, (unrefined{ammonia}) - 210,000,
       EMM, EmLevel=Moderate, ObjSize=Large,
       Fuel refinery (capacity 30000Kl/6hrs)

       Cost of one full loadout of nuclear missiles - MCr 10,875
                                   Standard missiles - MCr 1,450


The smallest category of capital ship, cruisers are traditionally the smallest starship that can be fitted with a spinal mount weapon.

Tempest Class Attack Cruiser TL 15

Another bit of local flavor: in High Passage #4, the "Tempest Class Attack Cruiser" is described as a "multi-purpose patrol vessel for use along the Imperial frontier... Most frontier regions have at least a few Attack Cruisers of the Tempest Class on hand... In Reaver's Deep, patrolling Attack Cruisers are often encountered along the frontier, or in adjacent client states, helping to keep the Imperial presence strong in the minds of the Imperium's neighbors."

Thus, I give you the MT conversion of the High Guard Tempest Attack Cruiser...

Tempest Class Attack Cruiser TL 15

"Conceived and designed as a multi-purpose patrol vessel for use along the Imperial frontier, the Tempest class of Attack Cruisers is almost always employed on independent missions. Though capable of holding its own in combat against most ships of near-equal size, the Attack Cruiser is considered to be of greater value when used away from large battle fleets. It has proven to be ideal for missions where one or two ships are to "show the flag" to various states beyond the Imperial border, or for routine patrol work. The Attack Cruiser can generally outrun anything that it cannot fight (though this is not always the case), thus making it a perfect vessel for the kind of patrol work demanded along the edge of the Imperium.

"Attack Cruisers are often employed as flagships for small squadrons (those consisting by and large of fairly small starships); passenger space has been designed into the vessel to accomodate a small squadron staff over and above usual complement. Four fighter squadrons are carried on board as well, for various scouting and combat support duties. Remaining weaponry is well-balanced, making the ship a good all-around fighting craft. Versatility, however, has forced the ship to forgo any really outstanding single feature." (High Passage #4, pp48-49)

CraftID: Tempest Class Attack Cruiser, TL= 15, MCr 41923.665
     (with discount) MCr 33538.932 (std price) MCr 38347.529

Hull: 45000/112500,Disp= 50000, Config= 4SL, Armor= 68G
     Unloaded= 1250108 tons, Loaded=  1277319 tons

Power: 6593/13186, Fusion= 1780000 MW,
     Duration= 6 @Full Maneuver, &. 24 @1-G &. 1 for weapons
      1/2, Solar = 66.55MW, Duration=indef
      57/114, Fuel Cells = 1147.90MW, Duration= 1.0

Loco: 7650/15300,Jump= 3, Maneuver= 6G
     Cruise=750 kph, Top= 1000 kph
     Agility= 5

Commo: Radio=System x20, LaserComm=system x10,
       MaserComm= System x10, MesonComm=FarOrbit x1

Sensors: EMMasking, ActEMS=FarOrbit x10, PassEMS=Interstellar x18,
         Neutrino=10kW x5, Densitometer=HiPen/1km x4,
         Densitometer=LoPen/250m x2, EMSJammer=FarOrbit x5,
         ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout,
         PassObjScan=Rout, PassObjPin=Rout,
         PassEngScan=simple, PassEngPin=Rout

Off: MesonGun=N00,  ParticleAccel=090,  Missile=x90,
              1                    8             W
              1                    6             Q

     FusionGun=x09, BLaser=xx9
                 2           8
                 2           8

Def: DefDM=+13
     NucDamper=8, MesonScreen=6

Control: Computer=Model 9fibx3, Panel=Hololink x5000, Dynalink x12000,
     Special= HeadUpHolo x120, LargeHoloDisp x6
     Environ=BasEnv, BasLS, ExtLS, Grav, Inertial Comp, Airlocks x20

Accom: Crew= 432 (Cb=17,Ce=90,Cc=59,Cg=55,Cf=44,Cs=14,Cd=3,Ct=150)
      State=130 SmState=60 Bunks=150, Passengers=36
     SubCraft= 10t fighter x40, 50t other x4, Launch Tube=10t x1

Other: Cargo= 6446 kl, Fuel= 296657 kl, Fuel Cell fuel= 735 kl,
     Fuel Purifier= 24721 kl/hour (12 hours complete), Fuel Scoops,
     ObjSize=Large, EmLevel=Moderate

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