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Credit Where Credit is Due Department

Being the place where Dragoness acknowledges the contributions and property of others...

Obligatory Disclaimer: The listed characters, artwork, etc, are the property of a whole lot of other people who are not me; everyone else is mine, and these stories are mine, too. They are not-for-profit works.

Dragonball, Dragonball Z and all the associated DBZ characters
(Too numerous to list, but including Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Bulma, Chi-chi, Trunks, Goten, Raditz, Kulilin, the Ginyus, Frieza, Bardock, King Vegeta, Tienhanshen, Chao-tzu, Yamcha, and Piccolo.) are the creations of Akira Toriyama and owned by him and a whole lot of people who are not me.
The Opawang and the Ochimo
..and the fortress used in Raditz's Return were originally created by Jeff Grubb for OA3: Ochimo, the Spirit Warrior and are probably the property of TSR/WOTC/Hasbro. They were, however, heavily modified by me for the story--your poor Oriental Adventures RPG characters won't face anyone quite as nasty as what Raditz and Gohan fought.
Vibishana the Good Demon, Indrajit and Maricha
..are Rakshasas from the Hindu epic Ramayana, which, after several thousand years, is out of copyright, even under U.S. law. Other characters mentioned are Vasuki, Demon King Ravana, Vaishravana the Treasure King, Hanuman, Rama and Lakshmana. For an incredibly good story, I can't recommend enough William Buck's retelling of Ramayana (ISBN 0520043944), which is a lot more readable than the Sanskrit originals, or even the more literal translations. And yes, Vibishana really is a good guy in the Ramayana.. and Hanuman really does turn into a giant ape and slaughter 80,000 elite Rakshasas. Vegeta's dream of Hanuman near the end of Chapter V of Mythic Descent is taken from Buck's version of the Ramayana,
Garm, Hati, Nidhogg and Modgudh
..are monsters of Norse mythology, which is also out of copyright. Elivagar, the Gioll Bridge, and Naastrand are places inNiflheim, part of the Norse underworld. Oh yes, Nailfarer Naglfar is an object from Norse mythology. Have I forgotten anything?
Apep, Thoth and Khnum
..are from ancient Egyptian mythology. Again, no copyright issues here. The Twelve Hours of Night are part of the Egyptian underworld, where the sun-god Ra goes at night.
Zorak Zoran, Broo, Cacodemon, Vivamort, Pocharngo, Thanatar, Jeset the Ferryman, Boztakang Chaosfighter, and Wakboth the Devil
..are the creations of Greg Stafford for his really cool fantasy world Glorantha, the background for his really cool, sadly missed fantasy RPG Runequest. The Helldarks are part of the Gloranthan Underworld; in that underworld, Solace-In-Darkness is one of the epithets of Xiola Umbar, the Darkness goddess of Healing. Kygor Litor is the creator goddess of the Uz, or trolls; Subere is the goddess of the Darkness Deep Within. Einak, Pipunc and Rabnai were some broo villains from The Big Rubble, a classic RQ2 campaign supplement. The Captain of Ragnaglar is the leader of the Chaos forces in the Eternal Battle, a particularly nasty encounter from Borderlands, another classic RQ2 campaign supplement.
...are pseudo-fish native to Avalon in the Alpha Centauri system. They have an interesting life-cycle; read Legacy of Heorot by Larry Niven, Steven Barnes and Jerry Pournelle for details.
Gojira, Rodan, Ebirah, Angilas, Reptilicus, Mothra, Barugon, etc.
Classic giant monsters from the movies. Gojira is the original Japanese name of our old friend Godzilla, and Reptilicus is from a Danish movie of the same name. The rest are all from old Japanese giant monster movies I remember watching as a kid.
I refer you to A. E. Van Vogt's classic short sci-fi story Black Destroyer, or the somewhat altered version contained in the first chapter of A. E. Van Vogt's sci-fi novel Voyage of the Space Beagle. The coeurl that Raditz encountered had most of the features of the original from Black Destroyer, but the appetite for potassium rather than phosphorus that one in the novel version of the story had.
Bulma at the Computer
Art by Juuhachi-gou (Emby Quinn) and used with her express permission in Raditz's Return.
Bardock pictures
Bardock I and Bardock II were obtained from Ridureyu's Dark Ki page and used in Welcome to Hell, Son with his permission.
Bardock, Celipa & Toma
Originally taken from DB3K (with permission) and edited by me to suit Chapter 24 of Mythic Descent.
Bardock & Goku
Edited from a picture found by Rebecca the Hyper Angel; original source unknown, and used in Chapter 30 of Mythic Descent.
Bardock Defiant
Edited from original found on DB3K and used in Chapter 30 of Mythic Descent.
Cute Trunks
Obtained from Alaer's Anime Artsite and used with Alaer Kino's permission in Raditz's Return.
Obtained from The Ultimate DBZ Information Site and used with permission in Welcome to Hell, Son.
Chapter 11
Illustration by Maetel for the story Raditz's Return.

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