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Dragoness Eclectic's Fanfiction FAQ
(FAQ) I get asked certain questions fairly frequently, and some not so frequently, but they're interesting to answer. Here's the answers to a bunch of questions you may have wanted to ask.
Welcome to Hell, Son
(Short Story) A look at part of Episode 4, "Goku's Unusual Journey", from Raditz's point-of-view... Need we mention that a certain father is not too pleased that his two sons killed each other?
(Short Story) Sometimes wishes don't come out quite the way you intend-- especially if you're trying to kill a certain pair of Saiyan heroes with one. If you're going to wish back the dead to do your dirty work, it's wise to make sure they have the same motives you do...
Why me?
(Vignette) Twelve hours after Shen Long granted a baleful wish, a wish that Goku and Vegeta's ten most powerful dead enemies be returned to life for a single night to defeat them, there were those who were less than satisfied with the wish's outcome...
Raditz's Return
(Serialized Novella) Hey, you just can't keep a bad Saiyan down. Not this one, anyway. And eight years in Hell can change even a Saiyan warrior's attitude.. especially when his dead prince seeks him out in Hell and requires a small favor of him.
Mythic Descent
(Serialized Novel) Vegeta is dead (again) and very unhappy about it--and all the hells are about to find out what that means! Companion story to Raditz's Return--the prolog will look very familiar.
Looking Forward, Looking Back
(Vignette) After being reunited with his wife Kinoko, Bardock contemplates what has happened and what is to come. Takes place not long after the epilog of Mythic Descent.
One Who Wronged Me
(Vignette) Gohan confronts Raditz about the past, and Raditz faces his own nightmares.
Saiyan Son Lost
(Short Story) What does an old warrior hold onto when he's lost everything? And what happens when Nappa loses even that?
In Past Regrets
(Short Story) A side-story to Mythic Descent: Chaos has broken the bonds of Time, and the only thing that stands between the demonic broo and the last hope of the Saiyajin is two damned Saiyans. Note: the Saiyan named Cumber in this story is not the same Cumber as appears in SSJ Trinity's Dominion:Reprise.
Be warned; this story contains mature themes and is NOT for children. It's not for the squeamish, either.
Yamucha's Student
(Novella) A year after the cataclysmic events of Mythic Descent, a mysterious young man knocks on Yamucha's door, seeking... a sensei? Meanwhile, a sinister cabal is taking control, one by one, of the great monsters: Gojira, Rodan...
Van Vogt's Cat
(Short Story) Back when Raditz was one of Frieza's three surviving Saiyans, he had a very close call that left him a bit paranoid about trusting his life to machines that he didn't understand. It started with his space pod breaking down in deep space...
Deceiver's Legacy
(Novel) Thirty years ago, Raditz's mother Kinoko died fighting the intelligent war machines of Jinkousei. Now, a year after the events of Mythic Descent, a spaceship from Jinkousei has crashed on Earth, bringing with it a deadly legacy.
Teenagers and Doors
(Short Story) Wherein we learn of the trauma of impatient Saiyan teenagers and doors.

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Ebooks of all stories
All of my stories (and some others, too) are available in ePub, Mobi, and Zipped-HTML format.
Download DragonballZFanfic.zip (126K)
Download streamlined HTML (no pictures or extraneous links) versions of Welcome to Hell, Son, Why?, Why Me?, Looking Forward, Looking Back, One Who Wronged Me, In Past Regrets, Saiyan Son Lost, and Van Vogt's Cat bundled together in a zip file for your offline reading convenience.
Download RaditzsReturn.zip (97K)
Download a streamlined HTML version of Raditz's Return, bundled up in a zip file for your offline reading convenience.
Download descent pak.zip (426K)
Download a streamlined HTML version of Mythic Descent, bundled up in a zip file for your offline reading convenience.
Download ys pak.zip (117K)
Download a streamlined HTML version of Yamucha's Student, bundled up in a zip file for your offline reading convenience.

The Raditz Gallery
Art, contributed or borrowed, inspired by or inspiring these stories. Contributions welcomed--but be warned! Raditz has his own commentary on images of himself and friends, enemies and acquaintances--and he's rather blunt.
Dragoness Eclectic's Fanfiction FAQ
Being questions I have been asked, or figure you'd like to know about anyway.... Be warned, there are spoilers in some of the questions and their answers.
Credit Where Credit is Due Department
Being the place where Dragoness acknowledges the contributions and property of others...
Extras that Don't Fit Anywhere Else
The odd fact and tidbit of background information from my stories that doesn't really fit anywhere else. What vegetable do various Saiyan names correspond to, what was the Opawang saying when he was casting those spells, stuff like that.
Dragonball Z Links
Places that were kind enough to point to my fanfics, or have other really cool fanfics, or other neat DBZ stuff. Sadly, most of the old links that used to be on this page are dead.
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