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Dragonball Z Links

Being places that were kind enough to point to my fanfics, or have other really cool fanfics, or other neat DBZ stuff. (And there is some overlap in those categories..)

The Really Cool Stuff

The Ultimate DBZ Information Site
Another very good massive reference site for Dragonball Z. Greg Werner had some things even Planet Namek missed, like extensive information from the daizenshuus. (Note that the creator disavows the accuracy of anything on this site as a product of his middle school enthusiasm and over-reliance on bad fansubs, but yay for the nostalgia!) Apparently these days Google and wikis are better sources of info on any fandom.
formed from the merger of Daizenshuu EX and another site I am not familiar with.(Formerly known as VegettoEX's Home Page, it moved and changed its name, and merged.) In his own quite accurate words, "..one of the best sources on the internet for all things regarding the original Japanese DragonBall." Not a fanfic site, but a FAQ/Opinion/Images/Multimedia/Info/etc site. Amazingly, the site is still active, run as a hobby by the guys who started it in high school 20 years ago, and are now adults with families.
Archive of Our Own
The place to find and post fanfics of ALL genres! All of my completed DBZ fanfics are also hosted there. This is my primary fanfiction-hosting site.
A place to find and post fanfics of ALL genres! Most of my completed DBZ fanfics are also hosted there, and so are most everyone else's.
rec.arts.anime.creative FTP Archive
This is the archive of the moderated newsgroup rec.arts.anime.creative, aka RAAC, which provides a forum for fanfic authors to post their stories. Some stories that can not be found anywhere else because their authors have pulled them off the web can still be found lurking in the depths of the archive.
Fanlore Article: Rec.arts.anime.creative
PurpleTopHat, aka Celine
On DeviantArt, PurpleTopHat.com, her professional gallery
I did mention Celine is one of the truly great DBZ fan-artists, didn't I? In the intervening years, she's gone professional. Yay!
[B-Chan's Banner]
B-Chan has a Tumblr now
Her OnnaCafe site seems to be dead, but I found her on Tumblr! (Google is awesome that way). She's still one of the great DBZ fan-artists!
Fourth of the quartet of great fan-artists: Maetel. She does absolutely superb action scenes, the best I have ever seen--characters are caught in the instant of action, freeze-framed. She still has some DBZ art, but has sold off most of her old DBZ illustrations due to complete frustration with thieves and plagiarists. She did some illustrations for my stories--go see her Raditz pictures in my Raditz Gallery!
I have not been able to track down a site for her as of 2020, but she does post luscious, explicit yaoi fanart on the yaoi fansite "Boxers & Rice". Probably not for children, so I will not directly link. Google will help you find it just fine.
Temple O'Trunks
One of the best, and best-known shrines to the purple-haired warrior from the future. Trunks fans, enjoy! (2020: It's still out there, though not updating actively.)
[Trixie Turnpike] Anime Web Turnpike
And if you can't find it anywhere, this site probably has a pointer to it, somewhere. It has everything else anime-related. (As of 2020, it is sort-of still there, but the links are broken.)

Selected Fanfics

[Vejiitasei Ascendant Banner]
Vejiitasei Ascendant
The author of the most excellent Vejiitasei Ascendant series once included my humble page in her links list! Thanks, Jeanne! And, if you haven't read it yet, go there and read a really awesome alternate universe DBZ serial. The three novels, in order, are The Young Prince, The Chikyuu Contaminant, and The Birth of the Super-Saiyan. The later is a 3-part novel, of which the first two parts are done.
The original Geocities site is gone, thanks to Yahoo's short-sighted policies regarding the early history of the web, but it was saved in the OoCities archive.
[Juuhachi-gou's Banner]
Juuhachi-gou on Fanfiction.net
Here can be found Juuhachi-gou and Mirai Bulma's Dragonball Super-Z fanfics (which are incredibly good), and other neat things.
Sadly, her original AOL site is long dead, and I don't know where her fanart went. She was up there with Alaer, B-chan and Celine as far as truly great DBZ fanart goes, and I can't say enough good things about the DB Super-Z stories--they're better than mine!
Chelsee Fanfiction.Net page
Home of Contradicting Mission, Chelsee's latest and best fic so far. It's an excellent story about Gohan, forced to work with three of his worst enemies to save the universe. (As of 2020, her original fansite is gone)
Manzai's Fanfiction.Net page
Manzai is the author of Not as Stupid as They Look, the excellent (and completed) prequel to the very promising Time Warriors (in progress). Both are well done crossovers with the Dr. Who multiverse. (As of 2020, their original fansite is gone)
SSJ Trinity, who has a very nice fan site for DBZ and a number of other notable series, is the author of the fabulous Dominion: Reprise! She has also linked to my page; she has an interesting take on Raditz's Return. Thanks, RH!
As of 2020, this site is a redirect to her professional site; sadly I cannot find any sign of her DBZ fanfiction.
Miyuki-Usuki's Fanfiction.Net page
Miyuki's collection of Bardock stories. I like them a lot, and they're quite good. (as of 2020, the original Geocities site is dead and gone [Thanks, Yahoo!]; I think this is the same author.
[Hikari no Tabi Banner]
Hikari no Tabi
(Journey of Light)
The author of Hikari no Tabi, a fascinating tale about the resurrection of Bardock's team. Victoria says some nice things about my page on her links page. Thanks, Victoria! Note: This has not been updated in over two eighteen years. I'm pretty sure it is another "unfinished tale", never to be completed.

People Who Like Me!

A Planet Namek regular, and author of Attachments and Jumper.
Takira's Page
Another Planet Namek regular, and the author of Twist of Fate and No Man's Son. Hey, I don't have a black background either! <grin> She's also the artist responsible for the charming black & white picture of Deputy. (as of 2020, the original Geocities site is gone [Thanks, Yahoo!], but it was captured in web.archive.org's geocities dump)
[Anihabara Banner]
This is a Japanese anime information and fan site that has added my site to their list of DBZ links. Cool!
Darkness Rising by Ifni no Miko
As best I can tell this is an index to Anime Fanfiction in general. Seems to be back up.

Missing in Action

Lavendar & Swords
(formerly Sarah's DB Fanfic Page). Sarah was the first person to link to/list my Raditz fics; consequently, my first readers and first fanmail came courtesy of her page. She also said some nice things about it, and is herself the author of the Vega stories. Thanks, Sarah! (As of 2020, dead link).
Tituba Parris' Anime Palace (formerly Lady Frieza's Launchpad)
Tituba's interests have expanded to several other enjoyable anime series, but she still maintains her DBZ section. Herein are hosted fics and pics about Raditz and Frieza, and Frieza's various relatives. I like the pic of SSJ Raditz, myself. :-) (as of 2020: dead link)
[Anzu's Banner]
Anzu's Domain
Also a Planet Namek regular, and the author of Kyoudai. Anzu also hosts Himegumi's story The One and Only. Look at the sidebar for Conspiracies as well.. (as of 2020: *sigh* Another dead link, though I did find one of Anzu's old AMVs on YouTube a few years ago.)
[Kytra's Banner]
Kytra's Lair
The home page of Sylver Thorne, who liked Mythic Descent, and writes her own stories and is a bit of an artist as well. (2020: Another dead link).
The Songbird and the Dragon:Lil Songbird's Dragon Ball Z Fan Page
Another person who likes my Raditz stories! Lil Songbird also writes DBZ fanfics, and draws fanart for her stories. (2020: another Geocities site lost to Yahoo's incompetence. This one was sadly not archived).
[Acyla's Banner]
DBZ Lover's Hideaway
Acyla enjoys my take on ancient myth and DBZ, too. Her lovely site includes DBZ romantic fiction, art, and various other things. (2020: dead link).
Described as "the writing partnership of Ken and Joules Taylor", it features everything from Wiccan references to original fiction to Lexx fandom to BZ lemons(Home of "Fantasy Tails" --now password only)... and they really, really liked my stories. (2020: all links dead).
Dragonball Tenjoukai (formerly "Raditz &Kyuuri's Anime Archive")
This site seems to be down. Wendy draws fanart, writes fanfics, and is also a big fan of Raditz. She's responsible for the Speedo pic... <grin> (Note changed address).
Mamono Shakuhachi (the Dragon Ball Z Fan-Fiction Fallout Shelter)
The web-site of Cegi M. Hart, aka Sailor Namek. She has some Piccolo stories on her site, and hosts a number of other's stories about Piccolo and Yamcha. (No, not together! This isn't a yaoi site!)
Planet Namek
It had everything DBZ: movie, episode & character guides, fanart, fanfics, message boards, chat rooms, news, the Dragonball manga, multimedia of all kinds, and other things, too. (Like the power-levels table...) Unfortunately, the operator couldn't afford the bandwidth after the last sponsorship deal expired, and no longer had enough interest in running the site to devote more time and money to finding financing. PN is gone.
Across Three Worlds
April Vannatta is the author of Carrot, a very interesting fic-in-progress. I hope she comes back and finishes it.
The Bardock Shrine
Described as "..the first site on the 'Net that is solely dedicated to Bardock and events before Vegetasei was destroyed by Freeza."
DBZ Uncensored
Ever wonder what you're missing in translation, or what got "sent to the next dimension" when DBZ was "adapted" for U.S. children's TV? Quite a lot, it turns out! Unfortunately, Chris Psaros has discontinued maintaining the site. The old Terrashare address, and the site content are now gone.
Alaer's Anime Artsite
...is gone again. Third of the quartet of great fan-artists: Alaer--who signs her pictures JEF.

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