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Saiyan Names in the Stories

NameVegetableWho was it?
Apiocelery (Sp.)Nappa's fourth son
Bergeberry (Fr.)an elite male saiyan
Chishan--(1) Nappa's second son here; (2) Nappa's eldest son in Vejiitasai Ascendant
Choybok choyfemale saiyan & Apio's wife
Colcabbage (Sp.)Nappa's third son
CumbercucumberA very common saiyan male name: (1) here, an elite male saiyan; (2) a major character in Dominion:Reprise, (3) Toma's father in Chaotic Serenity's stories
DiiveendiveNappa's eldest son
Kalekalemale saiyan squad commander & Bearer of Bad News
Kimcheesauerkraut (Kor.)(1) Nappa's second daughter here; (2) Nappa's daughter in Vejiitasai Ascendant
Kinokomushroom (Jap.)(1) Raditz & Goku's mother; (2) Also Goku's mother in Miyuki's stories.
Koshopepper (Jap.)male saiyan courtier
LattalettuceNappa's eldest daughter
Lechugelettuce (Sp.)male saiyan; Kinoko's squad sergeant
Lukionion (Rus.)female saiyan Royal Guardsman
Millettemilletlow-class female saiyan; sister of Yamra
Misobean paste(1) here, an young elite male saiyan; (2) in Vejiitasai Ascendant, the chieftain of a noble house.
Naranjaorange (Sp.)a female elite saiyan noble
Negiscallion (Jap.)a male saiyan soldier; Kale's squad sergeant
Perejilparsley (Sp.)a saiyan boy, Zana's older brother
Rashihot pepper (Jap. 'togarashi')Nappa's mate
Rhubrarhubarba female elite saiyan
SullionscallionKing Vegeta's shieldman
Tillentila male saiyan
Travagrass (Rus.)a male saiyan soldier
Trigowheat (Sp.)Nappa's foolish fifth son
Yamrayamlow-class female saiyan; sister of Millette
Zanacarrot (Sp. 'zanahoria')a saiyan girl, Perejil's little sister
ZukinizucchiniNappa's third daughter

The Opawang's Spells

in badly mangled E. Wallis Budge Egyptian...

Standard prefix "Mit-ten em..." = "(you, pl.) Die by ...!" or "Mit-et em.." = (you, sing.) etc...

The seven-fold Egyptian

What did Sinhika Say?

Mangled Sanskrit with a California accent...

SanskritRough TranslationSinhika Translation
aadhyaatmikuumsupernaturalghost, spirit, supernatural
Aadhyaatmikuum Kshatriyaa--Ghost Prince
achintyainconceivableI don't believe this!
adhamaadhamaworst among the inferior(used by Kadru)
aghammanulevil-mindedevil-minded, depraved
akaaryuumwhat ought not to be donea foul deed
akritaatmaanulunenlightened or clueless personclueless idiot
akritabuddhitvaahdue to stupiditystupidity is my only excuse
anaaryapersons who do not know the value of lifebutchers
kshatriyaaof the noble casteprince
manoharabeautifulthe Beautiful

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