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Dragoness Eclectic's Fanfiction FAQ

Being questions I have been asked, or figure you'd like to know about anyway.... Be warned, there are spoilers in some of the questions and their answers.


Can I link to your page?
Sure--unless you're Slashdot.org. There's a banner on the Awards and Webtoys page if you want to use it.
Can I post your fics on my website?
No. I prefer to post my fics to a limited number of archives where I have some control over the files, as I occasionally find yet more typos and fix them. I'm also very picky about presentation and prefer to have my stories displayed my way on my site.
That being said, you may link directly to my stories from your site (aka "deep linking") if you want to. It's a win-win situation if you do: you don't use up the space on your site, you don't take the bandwidth hit, and I get to control how my story is formatted and keep it updated.
Will you post my fic on your website?
No. I do not host other people's fics on my website. I have a limited amount of space and am busy planning how to fill it all up with my own stuff. I also do not want to be put in the position of explaining why your fic was or wasn't good enough to go on my site, nor do I have the time to format submitted fics for readability, etc.
Will you review/criticize/beta-read my fic?
It's possible. One, ask first; I am sometimes very busy and absolutely unable to spare the time to even look at fics, let alone give them a good review. Two, don't ask unless you want serious criticism that points out your faults and problems, and have a thick skin. I can be very blunt, and if you are sensitive or just want to be told the story is good, I'm not the person to review it. Three, if I say "yes, send it to me", DO send it in text or HTML format--text preferred. If you send it in MS Word format, I'll look at it the next time I get around to booting Windows, which could be any time in the next two or three weeks. Four, if you're in a hurry, you might want to ask someone else. I take my time, and I have Real Life (tm) concerns that cut into my reading and reviewing time. Finally, I'm not the greatest reviewer in the world; I've had beta-readers who were much better than I am at giving insightful criticism.
Do you/Have you ever written other things besides DBZ fanfiction?
Have you ever thought about writing original fiction and getting it published?
Yes. See my Writings page. In addition, I have had two stories rejected by Dragon Magazine; I decided to stop submitting stories for publication until I learned how to write them. I've been learning a lot about how to write, and have greatly polished my writing skills while writing my DBZ fanfics. I do intend to get published one of these days.
Will you write another story about Raditz?
No, I am no longer writing in the DBZ fandom. Chronologically, my last DBZ story is Teenagers and Doors.
Will Raditz ever go SSJ?
Only if the plot absolutely requires it. I kind of like him as the only Saiyan who can't go SSJ; makes him a bit different. He will go SSJ at least once before he dies for the final time, though that may be why he dies... (No, I don't have the story idea, just the death scene in my head. Don't get all upset; I intend for Raditz to live long enough to have grown-up kids. I don't know if I'll ever write his last story. Of course, I could change my mind if a good enough idea comes along...)
Wow, you know a lot of mythology! Did you study it in college?
No, but it has been a major interest of mine since childhood. I think it started when I spent an entire summer in a backwoods cottage with only two books to read: H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds and Edith Hamilton's Mythology. Discovering role-playing games in college only fueled my interest; I started actively researching different mythologies as background for game settings and fantasy story mythologies. My continuing interest is based on that, and the deep meanings found in the myths themselves--myth and legend are deeply entwined with the human psyche, and reflective of it.
Where did you get the ideas for all those characters and places?
See the Credits Page for details of which character/place/thing came from what mythology, story, or roleplaying game. You might be surprised by how many DBZ-ish things are actually taken straight from myth (like Hanuman turning into a giant monkey). But then, Dragonball itself is a Chinese legend retold.
Where do the Saiyan names you use come from?
See the Extras page.

Early Stories

In Welcome to Hell, Son, why did Raditz say Vegetasei was destroyed only 4 years ago when in later stories and in the Frieza Saga it's clearly 20 or more years ago?
Because Raditz told Goku a few fairy tales about Vegetasei and the Saiyans when they first met (rather like Kaio-sama did), and I was silly enough to believe him. I hadn't seen the Bardock Special yet when I wrote that story. Maybe Raditz was thinking in the longer Vegetaseian years when he talked to his father... (also, bad early dub)
Why aren't Frieza/Cell/Buu/Cold/etc not in the group of "ten most powerful dead enemies of Vegeta and Goku" in Why?
When do Why? and Why Me? take place?
Why? and Why Me? take place during the year Goku was in space after Namek blew up and before he got home. Cell wasn't born yet, and Frieza, Cold, and Buu weren't dead yet.
Who made the wish in Why?
The same short, ill-tempered guy who was upset about the results of his wish in Why Me? Hint: he's a very old enemy of Goku, he knows about the Dragonballs, he's blue, and he's not Garlic, Jr.

Raditz's Return and Mythic Descent

What about Raditz & Nezumi?
Well, if you've read Looking Forward, Looking Back, you know what Kinoko thinks about it. However, she's not the prescient one, and it's not a simple relationship. Raditz has issues, and Nezumi may not be ready to take out a subscription. Wait and see. (This particular question was finally answered in Deceiver's Legacy.)
...Negi & Pomona?
Sorry, Mythic Descent was the last you'll see of them.
...Sean & Sinhika?
They make a fun couple, don't they? The epilogue of Mythic Descent is probably the last I will write about them, except as cameos.
...Kadru & Khara?
If I ever figure out how to write a Shakespearean romantic farce, there will be a story about this.
Ack! What happened to Bardock?
Now that you've read the Epilogue and Looking Forward, Looking Back, you should know.
What happened to Kale and Sullion?
Forced into their next incarnations. I don't know about Sullion, but Kale was reborn as a human. It improved his personality greatly. Read Yamucha's Student if you're curious.
Is there a story behind that incident Raditz mentions to Bulma early in Mythic Descent?
Yes. Read Van Vogt's Cat.
Where did the "Winged Rings" reference come from?
It's a name I made up for the two perpendicular rings shown in this picture of Vegetasei. I got the idea from the "Wings" of Drallar (or "Moth"), Flinx's home world in Alan Dean Foster's Flinx & Pip stories. Drallar also had outsized intersecting rings that gave the impression of "wings" when viewed from space.

More Recent Stories

What exactly is Raditz's job in One Who Wronged Me? He mentions something about being "on call"...
He's replaced the late Hiregumi-san as Capsule Corp's Chief of Security, a job he understands surprisingly well. As such, he has to be reachable in case of emergencies.


Where did the picture of Bardock's team in Hell come from?
Where did the picture of King Vegeta in Hell come from?
They are both from the same episode in the Frieza Saga. A few episodes after killing Vegeta, Frieza boasts to Goku about having exterminated the Saiyans. We see imagery of bloody, battered, angry Saiyans in a fiery place when Frieza makes those boasts.
Can I use the picture of <fill-in-the-blank>?
If the picture has a name on it, or is original fanart, or has credit given in one of the Artist & Screenshot Credits sections, you have to go ask the original owner or artist. If no credit is given anywhere, and it is a screenshot (not a trading card!) or a B&W manga scan, it is something I captured or scanned, and you're welcome to use it. I'd appreciate it if you gave credit for it somewhere, though.
Here's some fanart I drew....
Great! If it's under 200K, I'll actually download it sometime soon (I have a dial-up modem, not broadband, and limit the size of the e-mails I download to avoid wasting my time with those damned SirCam (and now Klez) viruses.) (Well, that was old! I've had broadband for years now.) If I like it and it matches the theme of the Raditz Gallery, I'll probably add it to the Gallery the next time I update it. I don't update the Gallery very often, so don't be too bothered if I say I'll display it but then you don't see it for months and months.. (or years or decades.)

Palm Docs

Microsoft Word won't open those DOC files! What's going on?
What's a PDB/PRC file? Windows won't open it!
Those stories are formatted for various e-book readers that run on the Palm PDA. They are not in Microsoft Word format, but rather Aportis DOC format, a de facto lowest-common-denominator "standard" for e-book readers. PDB (Palm DataBase) and PRC (Palm ResourCe) are standard binary file formats for Palm OS program and data files.
I want to read Vejiitsei Ascendant but I don't have a Palm PDA. Can you send me a copy/tell me how to read it on my computer?
No. The author is permitting me to host iSilo versions of her story because they can only be read on a Palm PDA; there is no desktop reader for iSilo docs. The author does not permit re-distribution of her fics, and I am honoring her wishes. Update: This may change in the near future!

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