Republic of New Home

Portal to the various states of the Republic.

Major States

Dragoness Eclectic's Lair
The lair of the Dragoness Eclectic, legendary monster of alt.gothic and alt.vampyres, author of "the Raditz stories", also known in some circles as Princess Blackvelvet. Herein may be found:
The House That Rebecca Built
This site is dedicated to bringing you more pure Rebeccaness than you can shake an Onix at. You will be wallowing in the sheer Rebeccaness of it all. Fanfics, Reboot and random craziness.
Rath Nathrach
The Serpent's Lair - home of MapperGUI and a collection of maps for Dark Age of Camelot. (Severely out-of-date). Also home of the Rath Nathrach Wiki, wherein Sinhika tracks her Minecraft modpacks and Forgotten Realms house rules. Future home of all the RPG-related stuff.

Minor States

Blackvelvet's Library
Some very old resources for the Ancient Anguish lpMud.
Gnomish Jewelcrafting Gizmonotron v 4.00
For Everquest Jewelcrafting; updated to Rain of Fear expansion.

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